What Humans Do

The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken from me when I left the gym on a stretcher. Now, I'm fighting my way back to the top of my team. That's the whole point of this whole stunt. Everything with him was perfect, but I couldn't allow that. I could only be with him for a year and a half. That's it. That's the whole point of this publicity stunt, to get back to the top, not to fall for each other. I would NOT, under any circumstnaces, let myself fall in love with Harry Styles.


18. Approvals

"Darcy, do you think they'll like him?" I asked Darcy. When Harry and I arrived at the resturant it was only Darcy, Harry, and I that were there. Everyone else was still on there way to the resturant. Darcy and I headed to the bathroom so we could 'freshen up' when we were really just going to have some girl talk.

"Rue, you know they'll love him. Why are you so worried? It's not like you two are even really dating." She said, looking up from her make-up bag to the mirror to me.

I sighed at her. "All of my families in Romania. Who knows when he'll meet them. He wants me to meet his family next weekend and I'm nervous because to the world, we are really dating. You and Louis. The onlly people who know we aren't really together. Everyones opinion matters to me on this."

She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Rue, it'll be fine. If you play it right and really act like a couple then they'll love him for the sheer fact that you do."

She was right and I knew it. "Come on, let's get back out there before the girls get here."

I nodded my head at her and smilied at my feet. We were walking out when I saw that all the girls were already there and were all laughing at somthing funny that Harry had said. "I hope we didn't miss out on too much of the fun?" I say as Darcy and I sit down.

"Of course not! I was just telling them how we met!" Harry turned to me and said. He placed his hand on my small knee and proceeded to tell the girls the story. All of the girls were there now. "So, we were playing at a place in Manchester and I look down and I see this beautiful girl just standing there with her mouth open and staring at me. I look down and smile at her and she faints so I, being the gentleman that I am, climbed down and picked her up and brought her backstage where they fixed her up and I was there to greet her and it was love at first sight for us! The rest, is history."

Harry finished his story and looks at me smiling. My mouth is wide open and I'm giving him a look of utter disbelief. Kaylyn, Lauryn, Darcy, and Madelyn found this story amusing and had their hands covering their mouths and laughing. "That is NOT how we met."

Harry gave a mock shocked face. "Are you calling me a liar?!"

I smilied at him. "Yes, I am. We met because we were at the same mall and you asked me for my number when we were waiting in line at Starbucks!"

Harry's face contorted into a smile and said, "Okay, that story sounds a little familiar."

Everyone at the table just found this whole thing amuseing and were laughing like crazy. During the whole lunch, I didn't speak much. I just watched. Harry got on with my friends so smoothly and everyone was enjoying him, including me. There wasn't a moment when someone wasn't laughing.

The whole thing went off perfectly. Before we left, all of the girls pulled me to the side individually and whispered "I love him! Don't let this one go Rue!" or in Kaylyn's case, "Don't let this one slip away until I meet one of his friends and they fall in love with me and eventually marry me!"

I don't know why, but the whole site of seeing everyone laughing and loving him made my feelings for him just magnify and grow. The car ride back to my house was just filled with the side conversations he had with one of the girls.

There wasn't any point in the dinner where his hands weren't intertwined in mine, and I loved every minute of it.

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