A Mermaid Secret

Jessie McQueen is an amazing professional swimmer with two kind friends, Laura and Erin, her boyfriend, Jake, and her enemy, Roxelle.

One day, Jessie, Jake, Laura, Erin, and Roxelle go to the beach. Suddenly, 3 mermaids appear from the water and take Jake away. Can Jessie save him?


1. The Arival

   Finally, It was here. The Finals Swimming Competition. But before that,I had some fans to meet. I'm Jessie McQueen,swimmer. I was on my way to the blue carpet with my two BFFs, Laura and Erin, and my boyfriend, Jake.

   I stepped out of my limo, and she was, Roxelle, my enemy/competition since 1st grade. I walked toward Roxelle with my aqua blue dress sweeping the floor, high-heels glittery, long,blond hair flowing, and blue eyes sparkling. Roxelle looked at me like I was late to her sweet 16th. She was wearing a green dress with her long, black hair in a braid and her green eyes looked full of envy.

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