I Won't Give Up (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Christina Fernandez, just your average 18 year old girl, has trouble in her school and also at home. She gets made fun of every day by the kids at her school and outside of it. And once she gets home, she has to face with her parents arguing back and forth around the house. She's just too afraid and insecure to say anything to any one. But one day, she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever, and she also changes his.


77. What's Haylor?

~ Harry's P.O.V. ~


I was just waiting on the couch for Christina to arrive at my house. I got kind of bored, so I got on my phone and logged onto Twitter, and then I followed a couple of fans that were tweeting to me.

But then, I started looking at all of the worldwide trends and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.




What the hell? I've never even met Taylor! Who the hell created this trend?




~ Christina's P.O.V. ~


I had finally arrived back at my house, and then I went to go take a shower and to go and get dressed for tonight with Harry.

I kept wondering what Harry's surprise was, I couldn't stop thinking about what it could be.

I had so many ideas.

I stepped in the shower and started washing my hair to relax and to lose stress.

But I still couldn't keep it out of my mind.



~15 minutes later ~



~ Christina's P.O.V. ~


I put on my white floral dress and some white 3-inch heels. I styled my hair and added a flower to the left side of my bangs to make it look even more elegant.

I got my phone off my bed and went downstairs. I left the house and got in my car, and then I started driving to Harry's house.

Once I had arrived, I saw some paparazzi outside.

They looked like they were waiting for me.

I got out of my car and started walking to the door to Harry's house. The paparazzi ran up to me and started yelling questions at me.

"Christina! Have you found out about Haylor yet?"

"Christina! What is your opinion on Haylor? Do you think it is real or just another rumor?"

"Wait! Last question! Have you ever caught Harry with Taylor?"

Who? What?

I got mad at all the annoying questions, so I did what I had to do.

I lost it.

"Just leave me alone!" I yelled, running to Harry's house and knocking at his door. He opened immediately and stared at all the paparazzi with a disgusted look on his face.

"What the fuck? Get out of here, all of you! Leave both of us alone!" He yelled at them, pulling my arm and bringing me inside. He closed the door and and sat down next to me on the couch.

"Baby, I'm so sorry about that. I didn't even know that they were even there!" He told me, kissing my cheek.

"It's fine, Haz... But can I ask you something?"

"Of course, babe."

"What's Haylor? The paparazzi kept asking me about my opinion about that.."

"I don't even know! Before you had arrived, I had went on Twitter and saw 'Haylor' on the worldwide trends. I've never even met Taylor before! I don't understand how they had made that up!"

"Taylor Swift, you mean?"

"Yeah," He stated. "Paparazzi's always make up weird crap about people. They can never let me go out without following me and asking me questions. It gets quite tiring, honestly."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, babe. It happens all the time. But don't believe any things they say about me, because they're never true. You know you'll always have my heart, Christina. I love you so much." He smiled cheekily.

"I love you too, Harry. Always." I told him, playing around with his soft, brown curls. Then, we started kissing passionately. He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I let him in immediately and then kissed him back.

He was perfect.

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