I Won't Give Up (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Christina Fernandez, just your average 18 year old girl, has trouble in her school and also at home. She gets made fun of every day by the kids at her school and outside of it. And once she gets home, she has to face with her parents arguing back and forth around the house. She's just too afraid and insecure to say anything to any one. But one day, she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever, and she also changes his.


47. What A Great Day

~ Christina's P.O.V. ~


"So Harry, tell us about yourself." My father said, interlocking his fingers and looking up at Harry.

Harry looked up and stared at my dad. "What would you like to know about me, sir?"

"Well, What do you do in your free time?" He asked, clearing his throat.

"Well, what I do most of the time is to talk to Christina on the phone or be with her. But when I can't do that because I'm touring, I like to go and play sports or hang out with my friends." Harry answered, grinning.

"Oh, What sports do you play?" Rafa asked, smiling.

"I like to play soccer, basketball, and go swimming."

They began talking about other things after that.

I began to remember the first time I had invited Michael to eat dinner with my family.

Everything was perfect.

My parents had loved him so much.

Well, until he decided to just go and cheat on me.

It still hurts.

Even now.




"It was very nice to finally meet you." Harry said to my parents.

"The pleasure is ours! You are a very sweet boy, we think you and Christina are the most perfect couple!" My mother said.

"Thank you!" Me and Harry told her.

"Well, I'm glad that I finally got to meet you all. However, I'm going to have to go now, sadly. There's a big emergency at my friend's house." Harry admitted.

"That's fine, son." My father said.


I'm guessing my father really likes Harry, Since he's never called any boy 'Son'.

Harry left our house and closed the door. My parents looked and me and started smirking.

"He's very cute." My mom admitted, slightly laughing.

"I know." I said, laughing and going upstairs.

What a great day it was.

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