I Won't Give Up (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Christina Fernandez, just your average 18 year old girl, has trouble in her school and also at home. She gets made fun of every day by the kids at her school and outside of it. And once she gets home, she has to face with her parents arguing back and forth around the house. She's just too afraid and insecure to say anything to any one. But one day, she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever, and she also changes his.


52. Help Us!

~ Olivia's P.O.V. ~


I woke up confused, sitting in a dark room with my hands and ankles tied by rope.

I managed to get the cloth that was wrapped around my mouth off and whispered to Christina,

"Christina? Where are you?" I heard a mumble from somewhere near me.

"Erlervier." She tried to say.

"Dude, get the cloth off your mouth." I whispered to her.

Then all of a sudden, the van turned.

I yelped as I tumbled to the back of what I'm guessing is the back of the van that we saw before we had passed out.

Then, Christina crashed into me.

"Owww!" She cried.

"Shh... quiet down."

"Oh, sorry." She whispered.

"Why did we even go to the parking lot? I told you we were gonna die." I panicked.

"Well, were alive, aren't we?"

"No, we're dead. Obviously, we're alive. What if they kill us? What do they even want?" I asked.

"Well, if we knew we wouldn't be in this mess, now would we?" She asked.

"Whatever. We need to try and find a way out of here."

The van turned once again and crashed to the other side of the trunk.

"Olivia, get your butt out of my face." Christina said.

"Well, Excuse me if my hands and ankles are tied and can barely move." I said squirming off her.

"Now, turn around so I can reach for your phone."

She turned, and I reached my hands to her front pocket, struggling to get her phone out.

Then, it finally slipped and fell to the floor of the trunk.

It lit up and there was a new message from Harry.

It read:

"Hey babe, wanna come over later tonight? :) .x"

"Maybe we can call Niall and Harry so they can come get us, first we need to get these ropes off us." Christina said.

Then, the van turned once again, and we crashed to the other side of the trunk.

"Ugh, can you untie my hands now?" I asked.

We turned back to back and Christina messed around with the ropes around my wrists.

"Ow, careful!" I whisper-yelled.

"Sorry, hold on.. I got this." She said, twisting the ropes a little more until they were loose.

I wiggled my wrists out of the rope, "Yes!" I whispered.

I grabbed Christina's phone and called Harry.


~Niall's P.O.V. ~


I had heard a ringing noise coming from the kitchen, guessing its Harry's phone.

It was Christina calling.

I pressed answer and put the phone up to my ear.

"Hello?" I said.



"Yeah, hi, what are you doing on Harry's phone?"

"Oh, I'm at his house along with Liam, but Harry and Liam went to get me food so I'm waiting here for them." I laughed.

She giggled a little.

"So, what's up? And why are you on Christina's phone?"

"Well, we were at Starbucks and Christina got this weird call saying to go to the parking lot, and like idiots, we did. So now basically were stuck in the back of a van and were tied up and just get help!" She said quickly.

I paused, my heart racing rapidly.

"Do you have any clue of where you're going?" I said panicking even more now.

"No, all the windows are pretty dark and it's hard to get up to look while we're tied up."

"Okay, I'll go and get Harry and Liam and we'll go get you guys, I promise!" I said with a tear falling down my cheek.

"Niall, please hur-"

"What the hell are you doing?!" An unfamiliar voice echoed through the phone.

"Olivia?!" I yelled.

I heard yelling and then the line went dead.

I had to get Harry and Liam, fast.

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