I Won't Give Up (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Christina Fernandez, just your average 18 year old girl, has trouble in her school and also at home. She gets made fun of every day by the kids at her school and outside of it. And once she gets home, she has to face with her parents arguing back and forth around the house. She's just too afraid and insecure to say anything to any one. But one day, she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever, and she also changes his.


61. Big Day.

~ Harry's P.O.V. ~


Our tour was starting tomorrow, and now I was in my living room with Louis, watching "Men In Black 3". Louis took out his phone and started texting someone. I looked closer at his phone to see who it was.


"Dude, are you texting my girlfriend? Can I talk to her? It's important." I asked.

"Uhh.." He stuttered. "Let me ask her first."

He texted her saying,

"Listen, Harry's here with me right now. He REALLY needs to talk to you. Are you going to talk to him?"

She replied within a few seconds.


Louis looked at me with confusion.

"Man, what happened between you two?" He asked.

"We got into a fight while you were in Doncaster. She saw photos of me kissing another girl, but the girl had kissed ME. Christina's really mad at me now. I've tried apologizing to her by texting and calling her, but she won't answer me." I said.

I turned on my phone and my background came up; a picture of me and Christina at the cinema, in which we were on our first date. Now I missed her even more.

Louis looked at me with suspicion. "You know, you should get some rest. Tomorrow we go on tour, so you should go to sleep early so that you're not tired when you wake up."

I had an idea.

"Louis, I'm not going to go on the tour." I said. He gasped.

"WHAT?" He asked.

"Calm down, it's just going to be the first day of the tour that I'm not going on, I'll go on the rest. I need to apologize to Christina." I told him.

"It's going to take a day just to come back to England to pick you up and bring you back to America, I hope you know that." He said. I looked up at him.

"I know, but it's worth it. Definitely worth it." I repeated.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

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