I Won't Give Up (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Christina Fernandez, just your average 18 year old girl, has trouble in her school and also at home. She gets made fun of every day by the kids at her school and outside of it. And once she gets home, she has to face with her parents arguing back and forth around the house. She's just too afraid and insecure to say anything to any one. But one day, she meets a curly haired boy that changes her life forever, and she also changes his.


41. Baby, baby, baby ohh.

~ Christina's P.O.V. ~


"I WIN!" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air.

"That means you have to kiss me!" Harry said, puckering up his lips.

Oh no he didn't.

"Evil child." I said, shaking my head. I swam towards him and kissed him. "There. Happy?"


I laughed and slapped his arm delicately.

"Ouch. I deserve another kiss for that!" He said.

I rolled my eyes and looked away.




We had arrived back at our hotel room and I ran straight to the bathroom to go and take a shower. I took off my clothes and threw them on the towel hanger. Then, I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Christina!" Harry yelled.

"Yes, Harry?" I asked.

"Can I take a shower with you? That way we can save water!" Harry said. I could tell he was smirking by the way he said that.

"I'm good, thanks." I said, crossing my arms and grinning.

"You're so mean to the environment, Christina! C'mon, let's save water together! Please!" Harry yelled.

"No, Harry!"



"Okay, but if you ever need me, I'll just be here waiting." He said.

"Trust me, I'll be alright."

I got in the shower and turned the water on. I began washing myself and then I began to sing some Justin Bieber songs while I showered.

"And I was like baby, baby, baby ohh. Like baby, baby, baby OH MY GOD!" I fell down in the shower and hit my knee with the faucet.

"HARRY! HARRY! HELP ME!" I yelled. Harry ran in the bathroom and helped me get up. "What happened?!" He asked me.

"I fell down. Thank you for helping me, Harry."

"No problem. I told you you'd need me. But noooo, you're a big girl." He said, smirking.

"Shut up, Harry." I said, laughing. He laughed with me and hugged me.

"So now that I helped you, can we shower together?" He asked.

"Ugh, fine. But only this one time. Got it?"

"Yes, I promise. NOW LET ME STRIP, YO!"

"Oh my god, Harry.."

He stripped down and quickly got in the shower, pointing at me. "Come here, babe. Don't be scared."

I went in the shower with him and turned the shower back on. He put his arms around my waist and kissed me. 

"I heard you singing, by the way." He said, laughing.

"Oh, I'm sorry you had to hear that."

"Don't be. I thought it was really good."

"Oh. Then, thank you."

He began singing "What Makes You Beautiful" in my ear.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you, too. I will love you fovever."

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