My One, My Only, My Harry

Kallie and Sarah, two best friends, from Arkansas move to New York and get tickets to see One Direction in concert. These aren't just any ordinary tickets they are backstage passes. They go backstage and meet all the boys. They're journey with them boys has just begun. Read to find out.


1. Introduction

There I was, standing at my locker, dreaming of the only thing I have and always will dream of Harry Styles... I loved One Direction, but most of all the only one that mattered to me was Harry... Just thinking about him made my heart melt. I had made a goal that year to go to the One Direction concert and meet Harry Styles!! I had my heart set on it, and when I get my heart set on something I will not give up!! The concert was just 2 weeks away and my best friend, Sarah and I both had backstage passes as well as front row seats!! We had it all planned out... We were going to get to the concert early and try to meet him... Sarah didn't really care for Harry, but I did!!
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