My One, My Only, My Harry

Kallie and Sarah, two best friends, from Arkansas move to New York and get tickets to see One Direction in concert. These aren't just any ordinary tickets they are backstage passes. They go backstage and meet all the boys. They're journey with them boys has just begun. Read to find out.


6. Dreams Coming True

Harry Styles just asked ME to go on stage so One Direction could sing my all time favorite song to ME!! "Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!! Thank you so much!!" I answered. "Great, you guys stay here and enjoy the concert. I'll let you know when I want you to come up and Paul will show you the way. "What are we talkin about here?" he questions. I can already see Sarah's heart pounding through her shirt. "Oh, Niall, I would like you to meet Sarah. She is your number one fan. And my number one cutie, Kallie. They will both be coming on stage for Moments." Harry lets Niall know. "Oh, hi there, I'm Niall, but you already knew that! Hahaha!! I've never seen someone as beautiful as you." Niall flatters Sarah. Blushing, she replies,"Thank you! I can't believe I'm actually looking at you and it's not your poster!! It's the real you!! I love you!" "Love, why don't you And Sarah find your seats. We have to get dressed and get on stage." Harry informed us. "Oh, okay." "Can you believe that WE are going on stage and be sang to by our future husbands?" Sarah screams. "I know, it feelings like its a dream!" I say. <30 minute intermission>
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