What People Don't Know

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2. The truth of the matter

I can see the fear in their eyes, as I walk up to them. They flatten themselves, trying to disappear.

As I torture them, I smile. They think it's because I get sick pleasure from hurting them, but it's not. I smile because I enjoy pain. I enjoy the pangs of guilt that hurt me. I am a soulless being, but I didn't want to be. Brianna Holmes is everything I ever wanted, but now, I want out. She gets away with horrible things because they all, some part of them, want to be her. Want to be like her. Not like me.

They can't be like Brianna Holmes because it would kill them. I am strong enough to be like this. I am strong enough to stay like this forever. The moment I let my guard down, I will be gone.

But I am too strong for that.

The weak ones are always the first to leave, and then I'm stuck back here, forced to endure pang after pang of guilt, and I enjoy it. I do not feel physical pain. I am too strong.

I am trapped here, in Brianna after Brianna. A piece of her soul is stuck to me, shaping me.

When she died, and I wished--No.

I wasn't evil, I swear I wasn't. I was like them, shrinking up against the locker, with wide, fearful eyes. I was like them, in the room, sobbing, wishing.

But Brianna chose me. Out of all of us, she chose me, because I was strong enough for her to never return.

I see the ones scrunched against the lockers, and one of them is tiny. She is of no use to me. But the other...I feel the strength emanating from her. I can use her.

The weak one squeezes her eyes shut. The other stares at me, and though her eyes are fearful, they are also resigned. Ready to face whatever she has to. But no. I will wait. The guilt can wait. My pain can wait.

I wrench myself away from them, with a plan. I may have to wait long. But I can wait. I have waited this long, I will wait longer.

A grimacing smile of delight alights upon Brianna Holmes' perfect lips, and I go on my way.

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