What People Don't Know

don't know the category, don't exactly care....


1. Fakers

See, the thing is, people have problems.

(Spoiler Alert: It's because they're human.)

But some people have more problems than others.

Such as Brianna Holmes, the most popular girl in school. (Seriously. Can't popular girls have regular names? Why are there no Janes or Marys? Do they all have to be named Tiffany or Mackenzie or something?

And what's with the cheerleader thing? Why are all cheerleaders popular? Brianna's a cheerleader. Of course she is. She has to be.

Otherwise, it would like, affect the laws of like, physics and like, stuff, like, you know?

*Smacks gum annoyingly.*

I don't like cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are fake, okay? They're not real. That's what people don't know. They don't know about being popular. Cheerleaders don't know. Some people say they hate cheerleaders, but that's your jealousy talking, sweetheart. You just want to be like them. You just want to be like Brianna Holmes. But you're not. Instead, you're in the library, because you have no friends, when you eat lunch. Sorry, but it's the truth. Your life is spent wanting to be Brianna Holmes, wanting to have the spotlight, wanting to have friends, wanting to be noticed. But you won't really be noticed. You'll just be like Brianna. Never as yourself.

I don't like falseness. Lying is for insecurity. Lying is for when you're not as good as your BFF. Lying is for when you wish for something, but can never have it.

People wish to be Brianna Holmes. I don't. People try to be like Brianna Holmes. I DON'T.

Why would you want to be her? You'd be fake. A lie. Never true. But anyway, you can't. Because Brianna's herself. And that's not you.

Breaking news, sweetheart.

You are nothing like Brianna Holmes.

I should know.

I may be "Brianna Holmes," but I am NOTHING like her.  

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