What People Don't Know

don't know the category, don't exactly care....


4. end

I grimace. But it's a happy grimace, because I know what's happening. This is coming sooner than I expected.


I was a tormenter. Not anymore. I was used to torment until they cried, until they wished to be someone else.

Brianna Holmes did that to me.

And so I do it to them.

That girl is stronger than I expected. She is pulling faster and faster.

A sheet of ice water crashes over me.

I cackle in delight. I am freed from Brianna. As I float upward, through the ceiling, I glance around at the buildings, trying to see which I'm being pulled from.

A strange purple glow surrounds one window, but only I can see it. I am free now, so I go to the glow.

The girl stands at the window. I see her mouthing the words I wish and then she sees me.

For who I truly am.

Her mouth opens in a silent scream, as she feels herself being tugged.

This is my final act of vengeance. But I can't watch any longer. This part I know.

I let myself be tugged upward, pausing only to wave and smirk at the girl.

Be careful what you wish for, sweetheart.

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