Love letters in the sand.

This is a story about unlikely lovers from different worlds. One’s a cop from a small tourist village and the other is a strung out actress living hard and fast from Hollywood.


10. Not The End

It was early spring when Ethan’s sister handed him an opened letter. “I’ve been writing to Brittany,” she told him. “She’s in a rehab center in California. She sent me a note last month letting me know where she was. She asked about you, but told me not to say anything just yet. The only reason I am now is that she’s getting out in two days. That’s Saturday little brother, and I think you need to be there.

“I don’t know Sis, I miss her and think about her all the time, but when I tried to call her office they told me she wasn’t taking calls. I left my name but haven’t heard anything, and it’s been over a month now.”

“You do what you think is best Ethan, but I want you to read what she wrote. I think you’ll see just how much she feels for you.”-

The patio doors stood open and the curtains softly bellowed inward with the warm ocean breeze. Brittany closed her suitcase as an aid came in with a wheeled cart to help her take her belongings out to an awaiting cab.

“Ms. Stevens, what do you want to do with the flowers and cards?” The girl asked.

“If you don’t mind, collect the cards and have them sent to my manager, they have the address up front. The flowers you can distribute among to the patients and staff.” Brittany looked around the room to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. Her nurse came in with her discharge papers.

“Carol,” Brittany said, hugging the older woman, “I want to thank you, everyone’s been great, I kinda hate to leave.”

“We get that all the time,” the woman said, “That’s what makes this place special, our guest get to feel comfortable here, but you know it’s out there that the work begins?”

“I know Carol, and I’m ready.”

“We know it too, or you wouldn’t be checking out today. Oh, by the way, there was another card for you at the desk.”

”Just put it with the others, when I get home I’m going to sit down and try to answer all of them.”

“There’s no stamp on this one,” the nurse said, turning it over to look at the picture. “That’s the Montauk Point Lighthouse out on Long Island, my husband and I spent a week out there a couple of summers ago.”

“What did you say?” Brittany asked her.

“On nothing, it’s a tourist attraction out east, a lighthouse.”

Brittany held out her hand for the card, turned it over and read.


We strolled hand in hand in the gentle moonlit surf

And on dark and stormy nights

We held each other as the tide rolled ashore

Warmed by the stars and our love

We sat in the dunes and fed seagulls all day

And basked in the warmth by the fire

We shared barefoot breakfasts and

Lunches in bed, and midnight glasses of Champaign

A special time when our love was brand new

When we explored life and each other as only new lovers can

And though many miles lie between then and now

Please know that I am that same man

Who would wake before dawn, and quietly slip away

To write you love letters in the sand


“When did this come?” She asked the nurse with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know, like I said there’s no stamp, I guess this morning.”

Brittany ran out the door and into the tall lobby. She looked around but saw no one she recognized. Then, through the glass she saw him in the garden looking out over the cliffs at the Pacific. She opened the door and threw herself into his arms. “But how did you know?” She asked him. “Kay,” she answered herself.

“Does it matter?” He asked.

“No, all that matters is that you’re here and I love you.”

He grabbed each one of her hands in his and looked her in the eyes, “Brittany,” he said, “I’m here because I love you too, regardless of what’s happened in the past, lets start over, right here, right now.”

Brittany didn’t say a word; she just wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

The End

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