Best Friends

Me and my best friend are total directioners! Her name is Alex. We both are in love with Niall and Harry! Then when they ask us out who will get which?? Will they fight to see who gets who???? Will they be friends ever again?!?!?


4. Spending time with him

ANGIE PROV. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room. "so what did you want to show me"? I asked. He opened his closet. In his closet was a list. "this is the list I need in a girl" he said kinda laughing. "well do I pass the test" I said giggling. "let's see" he said smiling. "number 1 says is beautiful...yes yes you are" he said looking into my eyes. I giggled. He continued "number 2 she must like all the boys"? He asked. "I'm a directioner of course I do" I said. He laughed. "number 3 she must love my AWSOME hair" he laughed. I ran my fingers through it. "oh ya I love it" I said giggling. He laughed and went on number 4 she must be a AWSOME kisser". He looked at me. I leaned in. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. "yup" he said. I giggled. I loved that kiss it was just so magical! I smiled I loved Harry!!!!
ALEX PROV. I smiled. Me and Niall were kinda hitting it off! But I still liked Harry more. I walked into Harry's room Angie was in there. She walked into niall's room now. I sat on Harry's bed. "so what did you show Angie" I asked. "this list " he took out a big piece of paper. "let me show you number 4" I said then kissed him. He smiled. I giggled.
ANGIE PROV. I walked in niall's room. He took out a big piece of artwork. "wow this is so cool" I said. I smiled and looked into his eyes. They were the prettiest color blue. I smiled. "I do these collages" isaid. "cool" he said. Then he leaned in. We kissed. I giggled and said "wow good artist and good kisser". He smiled.
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