Best Friends

Me and my best friend are total directioners! Her name is Alex. We both are in love with Niall and Harry! Then when they ask us out who will get which?? Will they fight to see who gets who???? Will they be friends ever again?!?!?


3. Love is in the air

ALEX PROV. my ankle hurt so bad. They put a cast on me. Then Niall walke in the room. "does it hurt" he asked. "ya kinda not as much" I said trying to grinn. He smiled "well I'm glad I brought you here" he said smiling. Then he smiled and left. Harry walked in. "hey Harolds what's up" I said trying to play it cool. "you ankle is it okay" he said. "it fine thanks" I said. "sooooo you have a girlfriend"?? I asked. "no not really" he said then smiled. I can tell it was very awkward. "you and your friend are very preatty" he said. "thanks you ain't bad looking" I said. He smiled then walked out. Angie walked in. "are you okay" she said. "fine" I said. "guess what I got Harry's number" she said bragging. "well he said I was preatty" I said. She tried to smile. "okay" she said confused then walked out. Niall came back. He lifted me. "thanks" I said smiling. "no problem" he said. We walked out to the limo. They drove us home. I got out of the car. But Angie stayed in. "uh Alex Harry wants to show me something I promice I will catch up with you later" she said. I was do mad. She can't just ditch me. "well Niall wants to show me something too" I said as I got back in. We drove to a giant house. "you guys live here" I asked. "ya" Niall said. We all walked in. Me and Niall walked into his room. He showed me his drawings. "wow these are so cool" isaid. He smiled I liked when he smiled. It made me smile. I smiled and gave him a hug "thank you Niall for everything"! He smiled and said "your welcome".
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