Best Friends

Me and my best friend are total directioners! Her name is Alex. We both are in love with Niall and Harry! Then when they ask us out who will get which?? Will they fight to see who gets who???? Will they be friends ever again?!?!?


6. He loves her

I looked into his eyes. I smiled at him. He was the one. That moment I realized he was the one. He was the one for me. After Harry left. Alex walked in. We could walk. She was Drunk! "Harry wasn't at the date" she yelled at me. "hey calm down" I said. I helped her to the couch. "no don't touch me he he loves me stay away from Harry" she yelled at me. "calm down" I said. Then she threw up. Then she passed out. I layed a cover on her then went to sleep. The next morning. I woke up and walked downstairs. All the boys were there. Alex was laying on the couch. She had a wet towel on her head. She had baggy eyes. She was hung over. I kept walking down. All the boys were in the kitchen. Except for Harry. I walked into the kitchen. "good morning love" Louis said. I smiled. "hey" I said. They layed out a plate. I sat there and chewed on some bacon. It was really good. "yummmm this is really good" I said. "thanks" Liam said. I smiled then Harry walked through the door. He walked into the living room. I peeked and saw him take out a teddy bear from the bag. He handed it to Alex. Then he kissed her on the cheek. A tear fell down my face. I got up and ran upstairs. I ran in my room and shut the door. I started to cry into my pillow. Harry loved her! I'm not the only one he loves! Maybe he doesn't love me maybe he just is really nice! I cried and cried then I heard the door. Then______ walked in.
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