Best Friends

Me and my best friend are total directioners! Her name is Alex. We both are in love with Niall and Harry! Then when they ask us out who will get which?? Will they fight to see who gets who???? Will they be friends ever again?!?!?


7. Decision

Liam walked in. "uh hey liam" I said sniffling. "what's wrong" he said. "well its just Harry likes me or atleast I thought but he I guess also likes Alex and I'm just do confused" I said starting to cry again. He gave me a hug. "it's okay" he said. "I know Harry likes you" he said. "are you sure" I said. "yes let's go ask him" he said. "okay" I said. We walked downstairs. Everybody was on the couches talking. "hey Harry and Alex can we talk to you" he said. He still had me in his arms. He sat me down. We all sat down in the dining room. "okay look Harry you have to love only one of thaws girls not both" Liam said. "I do only love one" Harry said. "than who is it Harry" Liam said. "it Angie it's always been Angie" he said starting to hug me. I smiled. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. "it's always has been you too" I said. Alex looked so sad. I felt kinda bad. "it's okay Alex I know someone who loves you" he said. "and who is that" she asked starting to cry. "me" said....
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