The Last Concert

A short story about how I think the last One Direction concert will be like. I wrote this myself, and I've posted this on my instagram! I hope y'all enjoy


1. The Last Concert

The lights on the stage faded away. "Thank you all," a voice rang out in the arena. The crowd grew silent. "This wasn't part of the plan, what's going on?" Were the fans thoughts. "Every. Single. One. Of you. We can never thank you enough." the spotlights glared on the stage, and illuminated five small figures. The blonde boy stepped foward, "We would NEVER! Be where we are today without You!" His finger scanned the audience. Still no sound. "We," he gestured behind him,"Can never ever thank you enough for what you have done. I remember the day we got put together, I never thought we would make it this far. But we did, and along the way, we met thousands of amazing people everywhere we went." he said, stopping to wipe a tear off of his rosy cheeks and running his fingers through his blonde hair. "Some people compared us to the Beatles in our prime. But we will not be considered successful until we have passed on, and people still play our music and still know every word. These past years have been the best of my life, because of you, and thank you again, I love you all!" he said and stepped back. His spotlight went dark. The tan boy with the dark hair stepped out next. "Vas happenin'?!" He asked the crowd. No reply. "The years I have spent traveling the world and meeting you guys have been the most amazing experience anybody could ever have," he paused and took a deep breath."I never thought any of this would happen. Let alone to me!" he slowly walked to the other side of the stage. All heads moved with the boy in the varsity jacket..

     "We thank you for your presents you gave us, for the views of our music videos, for the sheer amount of people that showed up at our concerts." he said raising his hands up. His brown eyes where glittering with tears, the spotlight highlighting were the previous ones had fallen. "I love you all. Thank you for everything. Goodnight!" He said, walking back to his spotlight. He turned around and faced the audience. His spotlight slowly faded away, leaving the faintest outline of a person. The tall boy with the curly hair gingerly stepped out next. He quickly tried to hide the tears that were freely rolling down his cheeks. "As the other lads have said," he snuffled. "We cannot thank you enough for all you have done." you could tell his knees where shaking, and his hands were worse. "You people.. I cannot explain in any amount of words how amazing you all are. Our fanbase throughout our years has stuck with us, through the ups and downs, good and bads. And I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. You will never be forgotten. " he touched his chest and raised it to the audience. They all breathed as one, as if they where holding there breath the whole time each boy spoke. The curly haired boy walked to his spotlight, looking back every few steps, as if taking in the last few gulps of air before he passes on. He stops turns, raises his hands above his head and made a heart. A heart that was returned by every single human being in that arena. The light slowly faded away, leaving only two fully lit forms and three silhouetted ones.

     Then a boy wearing a white stripped shirt, with red toms comes bumbling out from his place under the spotlight. "I hope I have taught you all a lesson. A lesson that I learned very young," his voiced cracked as he spoke. He let the tears fall down his face and drip onto the floor. "Age is just a number. Do not let it hold you back from what YOU! love," his eyes scanned the crowd. "I started out in this band hoping one day, I would have number one hit singles and multiple records. And damn, I got more than I had ever dreamed of." he turned and faced the screen. It flashed a number, 14,000,000,000,000. "Do you see that number on the screen?!" he said, his voice rising. "That is how many times our songs have been played on radios worldwide." he yelled. "And it is all because of you. The best fanbase any artist of any profession could ever dream of. And we got you, we're the lucky ones!" he laughed. His hand flew to his mouth and he blew a kiss, and every hand in that arena flew up to catch it. He casually walked back to his spotlight and threw up a peace sign and one of his well known funny faces. As his spotlight started to fade, you could hear the gentle sound of the fans starting to break down.

     Now, now, now! Don't cry my loves!" the last remaining boy with the short spiked up hair and bright brown eyes quickly said. "We do not want you all to cry about it. We want you to be happy!" he flashed a dazzling fake smile to the crowd. "Most of you knew me as "Daddy Direction". Let me just say, you all have done everything in your power to help us succeed. We watched every day how you spread the word and helped make us bigger and better known." the microphone started to get fuzzy. The boy's hands were trembling so bad, he couldn't hold it steady. "It kills me. Absolutely kills me to say," the four spotlights lit up and the four other boys walked up behind him. "That as One Direction," they said together. "This will be, the last concert of our career. " the fans lost it. Screeching and crying was all that could be heard. The fans hugged strangers, they hugged the security guards, they screamed at the boys. But the five boys had turned away from the audience and formed a group huddle. The fans slowly realized one by one what the boys where doing, and they fell silent. You could hear each boy crying into his microphone, trying desperately to speak to another boy, who was having the same problem. One by one each figure stepped back and walked to there spotlight, wiping away the tears that had collected on their beautiful faces. Once they all had been standing there, the stage went dark once again. The screen lit up in the back, and upon the crowd fell an erie hush, as if somebody had passed away. "Hi! We! Are! One! Direction!" you heard each boy say as the unzipped their onesy. Then the screen went dark again..

     The x-factor logo slowly came into focus, then flipping to a picture of each of the boys and their tryout numbers. It switched to a clip that had the curly haired boy, "I'm Harry Styles," said the boy on the stage, he pointed up to the screen,"and this is my tryout!" the clip played and as it ended, another one took it's place. "I'm Louis Tomlinson," said the boy with the striped shirt and toms," and this is my audition!" he said and pointed to the screen. "I'm Liam Payne, and this is my tryout!" said the boy with the short hair and big brown eyes, and pointed to the screen. "I'm Zayn Malik, and this was your first glimpse of the Bradford bad boy!" said the tan boy with the dark hair and varsity jacket. "And I'm Niall Horan, the irish one!" said the blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes.. As the last clip finished, all five boys stood arm over shoulder and said, "And together we are One Direction! Forever and always! Thank you all and goodnight!" they all hugged each other, welcoming their brothers warm embrace. Somebody pushed the famous couch onto the stage and they all went and sat on it.

     Nobody dared move as Niall raised the microphone to his lips, "Forever young, I wan't to be.." he trailed off, burying his face in his hands. "Forever Young!" finished Zayn. "Do you really want to live forever, forever, forever!" Louis and Harry sang together. The audience joined hands and so did the boys, they all sang together, "So many adventures couldn't happen today, So many songs we forgot to play, So many dreams are swinging out of the blue, We let them come true, Forever young, I want to be forever young , Do you really want to live forever, forever forever..." and that was the end of the last concert, of the last tour of the world renowned boy band that swept the world by storm, One Direction.

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