Look After You

Isabelle was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal family; a mom, a dad and annoying 6 year little brother. Once she moved to London her entire life changed one day. She's turning on a street corner when Niall Horan of One Direction slams into her knocking her over. At first she's mad at him for being so clumsy until they look into each others eyes for the first time. They instantly fall in love. But when tragedy strikes things look bad for Isabelle and her family. Well just read to find out ^^ :)


15. Saying Goodbye

Isabelle's POV

I wasn't mad that Niall mentioned his parents. I guess it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I wish he didn't feel so bad. I'll talk to him about later I guess. Today was the day I moved in with him and Will, Bill, and Nancy went to Australia. They were fine with me staying here as long I checked in once in a while and came to visit. I've only known Bill and Nancy for about a month but they were really great foster parents and I was going to miss them. And Will. The best little brother in the world. If hadn't been for him I wouldn't be staying here with Niall. I knew it was a big sacrifice for both us of us but we would get through it. I know staying here with Niall was going to be great but leaving my little brother? I was going to miss him so much. The time came about an hour later. "You take care Isabelle and check in once in a while ok?" I laughed. "Ok Nancy will do." I hugged them both. "You gonna be ok without me?" I asked Will. "Yes I'm going to be fine, believe me." He smiled up at me. I hugged him so tightly. "Come on Will we can't miss our flight!" Bill called from the car. "Coming Bill!" he called back. "Bye Izzy, I'll miss you." "Bye Will". I knew the tears were coming but I had to keep them in until he was gone at least. I waved goodbye as they rolled off down the street. Then the tears came.

Niall's POV

I couldn't believe Isabelle was moving in with me. She had sacrificed so much to stay with me. Leaving her little brother must have one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. Ok Niall focus on the positive. But honestly on the inside I felt guilty for keeping here. 

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