Look After You

Isabelle was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal family; a mom, a dad and annoying 6 year little brother. Once she moved to London her entire life changed one day. She's turning on a street corner when Niall Horan of One Direction slams into her knocking her over. At first she's mad at him for being so clumsy until they look into each others eyes for the first time. They instantly fall in love. But when tragedy strikes things look bad for Isabelle and her family. Well just read to find out ^^ :)


2. "Ow! You hit me!"

Niall's POV

It's been 4 hours and rehearsal still isn't over. I wish Harry and Louis would quit messing around so we could leave. "Ok!" our tour manager Larry said. "One Thing" again from the top!" I groaned. "Seriously? This is the fourth time we've practiced it." "Niall I promise this will be the last time. Then we'll practice "What Makes You Beautiful"." "Ugh!" I groaned again. Liam patted my shoulder supportability. "I think I may I lose it any second too mate." "Ok boys, let's go!"

Isabelle's POV

First the hours of packing and then the hours one plane but we finally made it London. But if things couldn't get any worse after we got the house mom kept stressing about where to put stuff, dad kept to calm her jets and Will. Well he was being his usual annoying bratty self. "I need some air!" I announced as I walked out the door. My parents didn't even notice since they were too busy being crazy and stressful. I took off into the small part of town where we lived and just exploring the new place I called home.

Niall's POV

After practing for 2 more hours I had about had it with these people. "Alright. That's it. I'm outta here!" And with that I stomped out the door. Then a second later I heard an "Ow!" and a thud. I peered around the door to see a girl laying on the ground holding her hand to her forehead. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" I knelt down next to her. All I got a muffled "Uggghh" I quickly helped her off the ground. "What are you doing?" she finally said. "I'm taking you to the doctor, you might have a concussion." "No.. I'm fine" "Well I'm not taking any chances." "Wait a second. Who are you?" "Umm..." I needed to make something up so she didn't freak out in case she was a fan. "Wait. I know! You're Niall Horan! From that cheesy boy band One Direction!" "Yes and hey! We're not cheesy!" "You want me to lie and tell you you're amazing when I don't think that way at all?" I rolled my eyes. "Come let's get you to that doctor."



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