Look After You

Isabelle was a normal 16 year old girl with a normal family; a mom, a dad and annoying 6 year little brother. Once she moved to London her entire life changed one day. She's turning on a street corner when Niall Horan of One Direction slams into her knocking her over. At first she's mad at him for being so clumsy until they look into each others eyes for the first time. They instantly fall in love. But when tragedy strikes things look bad for Isabelle and her family. Well just read to find out ^^ :)


4. Life Is Good...

Niall's POV

"Wow." were the only words to describe what just happened. She just smiled that beautiful smile of hers. "Yeah." Thank goodness the doctor walked in to the save the awkward moment that was in the air. "Good news" she said. "You don't have a concussion." "Oh that's great! Thank you!" Isabelle said. "But. I do want you to rest for a few days and I want you to put ice on that bump until you get home." She nodded. "Let me go get that ice and I'll be right back." "Alright." "So... what just happened?" I could feel myself blushing. She just looked at me and bit her bottom lip. She walked over to me and kissed me again. "That's what just happened." she said with a smile.

Isabelle's POV

I can't believe I just kissed Niall Horan. Again. Wow ok I was wrong. This is the best day of my life. "So..." he started to say until my phone rang. "Hold on one second.." "Hello? Oh hi mom. I just went for walk geez don't have a cow. I did! But you and dad kept on arguing so you didn't hear me." "Isabelle I was worried sick about you! We all were. Next time you need to tell us where you're going." I sighed. "Sorry..." "Ok. Where are you?" "Umm... long story short. I'm at the doctor. But before you start having a heart attack I'm fine. Niall Horan of One Direction accidentally hit me with a door while I was turning a street corner." "Oh my goodness are you ok? Do you have a concussion?" "No mom I don't have a concussion." I rolled my eyes. Niall laughed. "Well come home soon ok? It's getting late." I sighed again. "Ok mom I'll be home soon. Love you too. Bye." "Sorry about that.." "No no it's ok my mom worries about me when I leave the house too." This time I laughed. "So about the kiss... are we like... a thing now?" He blushed as he said it. I put a sly smile on my face. "I don't know you you tell me.." I said before kissing him again. Wow I am really kicking it up a notch today. We pulled away and just smiled at each other again. "Ok well you heard my mom I  have to get home.." "Do you want me to walk with you?" he asked. "No I'd rather you not.. I want to tell my parents about you before I introduce you." "Right, right" he nodded. "Ok well.. um..." I stuttered. "Here's my number, so as Carly Rae Jepsen says.. call me maybe?" he joked taking my phone. I rolled my eyes at his cheesy joke. "Cute." I said taking my phone back. "See you tomorrow?" he asked. "I'll call you ok?" He nodded and I walked off.

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