My Brothers Band Mates

Hi i'm Molly i'm 16 years old and live in Miami, FL. I'm tan, have wavy brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. I am adopted but i don't know were from. I want to find out more from where i am from and about my family. But once i figure out that my brother is Liam Payne everything changes. I go to live with him and the rest of the guys from One Direction. I like Harry the most he's good looking but so is Zayn. (Does Syndey find the love of her life or does she have to make a choice? Read to find out in My Brothers Band Mates.)


12. Words Hurt

I woke up to people yelling in the other room. I walked out of the hotel room and stood in the door way of the living room. "I DON'T CARE SHE IS A STUPID SLUT!!" Eleanor yelled. "DON'T TALK ABOUT HER THAT WAY!! SHE IS LIKE ANOTHER SISTER TO ME!!!" Lou yelled. Right after he said that I knew they were talking about me. "LOU, SHE IS JUST A STUPID SLUT!!" Eleanor yelled. That broke my heart. Those were the exact words my father said to me. I started crying. I turned on my heel and ran out the front door of the hotel suite. I ran to the elevator, I heard the door close and Lou running after me. I opened the stairs door and ran down them. I knew that Lou was hot on my trail so once I got to the lobby I ran out the front door. I ran and ran. I had no clue where I was going I just ran. I finally found and old abandoned bridge. I stopped in the middle of the bridge. There was a little bench. I just sat there and thought things through. All of a sudden my phone started ringing. I forgot I had my phone with me. I answered it not even looking at the caller ID. 

"Hello?" I asked. "Molly where are you?!?!" Danielle asked frantic. "Ask Liam what my father said to me at the hospital. Then ask Louie what was the last thing Eleanor said about me." I said then hung up the phone. 

Danielle's P.O.V.

I called Molly after Lou told me what happened. Has he even thought about calling her? NO!! Good thing Liam wasn't up yet or Lou would be dead. Not really but you know what I mean. Anyways. She told me to ask Liam what did her father say to her at the hospital, then ask Lou what Eleanor said. Eleanor what does she have to do with this? I walked into Liam's room. I shook him lightly. His beautiful brown eyes slowly fluttered open. "Hey babe, What did Molly's father say to her exactly?" I asked. "He called her a stupid slut. Why?" Liam asked. "I just wanted to get the facts straight." I lied. Liam nodded then laid back down. I walked back into the living area and sat on the couch next to Lou. "Louie what did Eleanor call Molly?" I asked. "She called her a stupid slut." He said. How could her father even call her that? And then Eleanor? Bitch. "I'm going out." I said grabbing my coat and walking out the door. I called Molly and she told me where she was. I walked there and saw her down by the river side. She looked a lot like Liam. She looked beautiful down there. 

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