My Brothers Band Mates

Hi i'm Molly i'm 16 years old and live in Miami, FL. I'm tan, have wavy brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. I am adopted but i don't know were from. I want to find out more from where i am from and about my family. But once i figure out that my brother is Liam Payne everything changes. I go to live with him and the rest of the guys from One Direction. I like Harry the most he's good looking but so is Zayn. (Does Syndey find the love of her life or does she have to make a choice? Read to find out in My Brothers Band Mates.)


18. Up On

"And he got me..." I could barely get out the words. I was sobbing and had my knees pulled up to my chest. Lou had Lux in her arms sleeping. "And he got me pregnant. I never told anyone I kept it to myself. I slowly started to get a baby bump. Everyone just thought I was getting fat. I had a miscarage. and the only people that know are you guys." I said. Lou and Dani came up and hugged me. Lou soon left. It was only me and Dani in the room. "How old were you?" She asked. "I was 13 and he was 16." I said. She looked at me shocked. Dani was like an older sister to me. She was 8 years older than me. She came up and hugged me again. "You were so young." She whispered into my hair. I stated crying. Dani started crying too. "I'm so sorry." She whispered into my hair. She sounded like a mother. She crawled into bed next to me. I slowly cried myself to sleep. 

I woke up to people talking softly. I pretended like I was asleep. "Harry you do don't you!" I heard Dani say excited. "No..." I could tell that Harry was a little nervous having this conversation. "Harry every time you look at her your eyes light up." Danielle whispered. Were they talking about me? No they couldn't be... Could they? "Ok, I like her." Harry said. "I knew you liked Molly I just knew it!!" Danielle said happily. Harry just said he liked me. "But I can't ask her out because of Liam." He sighed. "I'm sorry but she has a horrible past, Haz, I think you should back down for a while." She said. Danielle Claire Peazer you did not just do that!!! "Well I have to go. Me and the boys are going to lunch." I heard the door shut and I opened my eyes.

"DANIELLE CLAIRE PEAZER YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!" I yelled at Dani. "Wait you heard that?" She asked. "Yes I heard that and why would you tell Harry to back off!" I asked angry. "Because I don't want to see you getting hurt." She said. "Well I want you to tell him to.... What's the oppisite if back off?" I asked. Shit i didn't mean to say that out loud. Danielle started laughing. "How about up on." She said. "Then I want you to tell Harry to up on!" 

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