My Brothers Band Mates

Hi i'm Molly i'm 16 years old and live in Miami, FL. I'm tan, have wavy brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. I am adopted but i don't know were from. I want to find out more from where i am from and about my family. But once i figure out that my brother is Liam Payne everything changes. I go to live with him and the rest of the guys from One Direction. I like Harry the most he's good looking but so is Zayn. (Does Syndey find the love of her life or does she have to make a choice? Read to find out in My Brothers Band Mates.)


16. Decorating

I woke up to the sound of slurping. I opened one eye and saw Lou slurping a slushy. My stomach felt a little better today. "Shut up." I mumbled. He stopped slurping and looked at me. "Hey Molly." He said. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "They went back to the hotel. We're taking turns staying here. Unfortunately I had to go first." He said. I looked around the room. It was really boring. There was just A LOT of flowers. I wanted my hospital room to be different cooler than the others. "Can we decorate my room?" I asked. "TO THE WHEEL CHAIR!!" Lou yelled running over to the wheel chair on the other side of the room. He helped me in there then we went down to the gift shop down stairs.

"Let's get zebra, cheeta, and mustache print. Then every balloon they make." I said picking out all the ribbons and balloons. "Then pink, blue, and purple plain ribbons too." I said. We grabbed them and checked out. We went back up to the room and started to decorate it. 

Liam's P.O.V.

It was Lou's turn to be at the hospital but I went to go and visit her. I was walking to her room and heard music playing then Molly yelling. "NO LOU IT'S SUPPOSED TO GO THERE!!" I walked in and her room was covered in balloons and ribbons."What are you doing?" I asked making both of them scream because I scared them. "God dame Liam you scared me." Molly said. "Shit Li knock next time." Lou said. He went and turned off the music. "What are you doing?" I asked again. "What does it look like decorating duh." Molly answered sarcastically. "Isn't this vandalism?" I asked. "We will take it down. Calm yo tits." Lou said. I laughed. I helped decorate the room. 

Molly's P.O.V.

Shit, Liam just scared the hell out of me. He helped us decorate my room. I got to say it wasn't that bad. There were ribbons EVERY where. And balloons were floating all over the room. I LOVE IT!!

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