My Brothers Band Mates

Hi i'm Molly i'm 16 years old and live in Miami, FL. I'm tan, have wavy brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. I am adopted but i don't know were from. I want to find out more from where i am from and about my family. But once i figure out that my brother is Liam Payne everything changes. I go to live with him and the rest of the guys from One Direction. I like Harry the most he's good looking but so is Zayn. (Does Syndey find the love of her life or does she have to make a choice? Read to find out in My Brothers Band Mates.)


20. Concert!!

Louis' P.O.V.

After Molly went to bed, I was talking to the boys. "I think we should trick Molly, into having to sing." I said. "It's my sister guys, if she doesn't want to do it don't make her." Liam said. "She's doing it, if I have to force her to do it, I will." I said. Liam rolled his eyes and went to bed. "Tomorrow then?" I asked. "Tomorrow." All the boys said.


"Come on! We need to get there early to set up." I said. "I'm coming." Harry said. We went to the stadium we would be performing at. "Do you want to tweet? Or me?" Harry asked. "I'll do it." I said. I tweeted 'I want Molly to sing for us.' I made sure that the tweet would be in the twitter questions. We went back to the bus and just waited. 


Molly was backstage talking to Paul. The twitter questions came up and I was super excited. I was pretty much bouncing around everywhere. After a few questions mine came up. "Lou sent this one, it says 'I want Molly to sing for us' So where's Molly?" Niall asked. She was backstage sending me death glares. I laughed. "Come on Mol's." Harry said. She grabbed a mic from Paul and walked on stage. She punched me in the arm playfully. "I hate you." She whispered to me. "Love me really?" I said sarcastically. "Sadly." She said. I laughed. "Alright baby sister what are you going to sing?" Liam asked. "How about... WINGS!" I screamed. Perrie cheered from backstage. Molly sang the song beautifully. The boys and i looked at her shocked. "Happy?" she asked. We all nodded. She walked off stage. 


We walked off stage. Molly was standing that talking to Perrie and Danielle. "YOU WERE AMAZING!!" Harry yelled. She blushed. Why don't they just go out already? They both like each other! I turned to Liam. "Why won't you let Harry take her on one date?" I asked. He looked over at Molly and Harry talking. "I'll let him take her on ONE date. If he hurts her, I'll hurt him." Liam said. I cheered. "HAROLD!" I yelled at him. He walked over to me. "What's up Lou?" He asked. "Liam said yes." "Really?!" "Yea, but if you hurt her Liam and I will hurt you." I said. Molly has grown to be like a little sister to me. One more to look out for! Harry walked over to Molly. I saw them talking then Molly smile. WE GOT A NEW COUPLE!!

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