My Brothers Band Mates

Hi i'm Molly i'm 16 years old and live in Miami, FL. I'm tan, have wavy brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. I am adopted but i don't know were from. I want to find out more from where i am from and about my family. But once i figure out that my brother is Liam Payne everything changes. I go to live with him and the rest of the guys from One Direction. I like Harry the most he's good looking but so is Zayn. (Does Syndey find the love of her life or does she have to make a choice? Read to find out in My Brothers Band Mates.)


1. Introduction

Hi i'm Molly, I am 16, and live in Maimi FL. I'm tan because i'm at the beach all the time, I have wavy brown hair, and blue eyes. I know that i am adopted but i don't know where from. My mother's name is Emily Ross, she is very pretty and sweet but looks nothing like me. My father on the other hand Edward Ross, he abuses me. He hits and kicks me and barley gives me any food. I have 2 brothers Jake and Luke Ross they. They are not adopted where as i am. They make fun of me for that. I really want to find out who my real family is. My best friends names are, Katy wright, Kelsy Wingsley, and Sarah Wingsley. Sarah and Kelsy are twins.

I was looking through papers to try to find anything out from where i am. My real name is Syndey Payne. I walked down stairs since it's only me and my mom home to ask her a few questions. "Hey mom." "Hey hun whats up?" She asked. "Do you have any contact with my birth parents or anyone for a matter of fact?" i asked as fast as i could. "Yes i have contact with your mother." That shocked me. Why hasen't she told me this before? What are they like? Do i have any brothers or sisters? "Well so you think i can call them?" I asked. "Yes here is the number." I took the piece of paper and ran up the stairs. I dialed the number as quick as i could not thinking what i was going to say. They answered after three rings.

"Hello." A lady picked up with a thick british accent. "Hello can i speak to Karen Payne?" "This is her how may i help you?" "Well i was wondering if you had a daughter?" "Who is this how do you know that?" She whispered in a low and angry voice. "Well because this is her." "WHAT.. HOW... WHERE ARE YOU?" "I got the number from by mother and i'm in America." "Mom whats wrong?" I heard a mans voice very worried. "Liam it's your sister." Karen said to i guess Liam. He reminded me of Liam Payne from One Direction but that can't be... Could it? "Mom what are you talking about?" I was still on the phone while they were having this conversation. "Liam i'll tell you later." "Okay mum." And i didn't here his voice again. I was crying at the thought i was talking to my birth mother for the first time. I could tell that she was to. The rest of the conversation was about my life here and her life in Wolverhampton, England. And then what she asked me was such a shock. "Syndey you know you have a brother. And do you know the band One Direction?" "Yes of course." "Well he's in that band they are going on tour in America next week and i can talk and see if you would like to go?" "OMG Yes of course." "Alright dear I'll talk to you tommorow i love you Molly." "Love you to." "Bye." Bye." I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face.

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