Summer Days

Jade and Niall meet and fall in love.


4. The wreck and death?

Jade's P.O.V
I was walking on the park and then I saw my mom was it really her?
I panicked I started to run. I stop at a walk and stop sign. I saw Niall a few blocks away.
Niall's P.O.V
I saw Jade I was walking up to her she was a couple of feet away. When she went to walk across the street a car ran the red light and hit her. I rant to her and started calling her name "Jade!!" I kneeled down to her she wasn't breathing. I called 911 the ambulance took me and Jade to the hospital. The doctor said she might not make it though. I meet her 4 days ago and now she might die.
"She is dying don't know what we can do all the fluids we gave her is enough. I'm sorry." the doctor said.
"O-okay!" I fell and started to burst out crying. They took Jades room and put a sign that read "Please don't open!" I loved her and now she was gone. I wasn't the same without her. I told the boys about her and what happened.
"I'm sorry mate" they all said. It was the night of the concert. Hopefully I could pull through.
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