Summer Days

Jade and Niall meet and fall in love.


2. The Park

Nialls P.O.V
I found this girl on the park bench I thought she was dead.
She had amazing hazel eyes and long brown hair.
"Hi" I said
"Hello?" she looked terrified.
"I'm Niall Horan from One Direction!" I smiled
"Well hello there Niall, may I help you?" she asked nervously.
"No not really. Why were you sleeping on the bench?" I questioned.
"Umm..long story." she said
"I like stories. You can tell me if you want to talk about it." I said
"Okay. Well first my name is Jade. Second I was running away from my mother." she said with tears in her eyes.
"Why?" I regretted asking
"She beats and hits me." she showed me her bruises.
She had cuts in her wrist I wasn't sure if she did those.
"Did you do those?" I pointed to her scars.
"Yes" she covered them up.
Jade's P.O.V
Niall is sweet,caring,and beautiful. I told him about my mother hopefully she doesn't find me.
"How long has she abused you?" Niall asked.
"Since 2 years ago when my dad left."
"Oh.. I'm sorry." he had tears in his eyes no one has ever cried for me. Well I have but that's not the point. He cared and wanted to help and know this. Not like the others.
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