Summer Days

Jade and Niall meet and fall in love.


1. Jade's escape

Jade's P.O.V
My mom is cruel hits and beats me. I want to run away hopefully very soon.
"Jade!" my mom yelled.
"What do you want now?" I yelled back.
"Get yourself down here." she replyed
"Coming" I said scaredly.
When I say my mom looking at me like she was ready to hit me I started to run back upstairs but that didn't work. She grabbed my wrist and flung me down the stairs like I was some ragdoll.
"Why?" I said crying. "Why"
"Because your the reason your father left. He would have stayed if it wasn't for you." your mom said before picking you up by your throat and choking you.
I grabbedy mom by the side and kicked her in her stomach. I ran out the door after that I couldn't let my mother find me. My mom was chasing after me but after a few miles of running she was gone. I found a park and walked in it to sit on the bench then I fell silently asleep.
I woke up to a beautiful blonde,blue-eyed boy.
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