A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


9. Talking to Harry


Harry had left the room and I wated to ask him what was wrong so I got up and went after him. "Harry are you okay?" I asked while hugging him from behind "I am so so so sorry Candy I truely am" Was all he said "Harry you have nothing to be sorry about you did nothing wrong" I told him " Yes I do I hope this doesnt change anything about us" He said while looking away " What nothing is going to change us" I told him pulling his face back to look at me "Candy Johnny Valencourt is my uncle the one who .. who " He broke down crying and what he has said didnt change the way I felt about him I loved him but I dont know if he felt the same way about me. "The one who what Harry?" I asked him while I rapped my arms aroung him tighter "Well when I was littl ekhe used to do things to me like BAD things if you catch my drift and I jhate his guts I tried to tell my dad but he didnt listen and so it just kept yhappening and happening and I just stopped telling people and then one day he went to jail for soemthing but my parents wouldnt tell me what it was but now I know and I am so sorry Candy" he told me with more tears welling up in his eyes and at that point all I could say was "Harry I love you and what you said didnt change anything about how I feel when I am with you" and with that being said I kissed him.


She felt the same way she felt the same was about me as I did about her. "Candy I love you too and tonight I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend but we all got up to talking and then this happend but in a way I am glad it did because it made up closer than we ever were before" I told her and all she did was kiss me.

we walked in and the bioys were all playing with Lucy witch I thought was cute I coulndy believe they all liked Candy. Zayn pulled me aside and I told him the whole story and he just higged me and I told him that I would tell the rest of the boys later when Candy and Lucy left. "Daddy can we get some ice cream tomorrow ?" Lucy asked me looking up at me with her cute little eyes "I dont see why not but you should ask you rmummy if she would like to go to get soem ice cream tomorrow" I told Lucy because after all Candy was her mother "Mummy can we get some ice cream with daddy tomorrow?" Lucy was cute when she tried her hardest to beg for something "Oh I wish we could but I have to work and you are going to the babysitters while I work" Candy told Lucy  " I could watch Lucy tomorrow for you if you wanted we could stay here and watch movies all day if that is okay with you of course" I asked candy and jher eyes lit up " Yeah mommy can I can I please please please?" Lucy once again begged she was so cute. "I dont see why not." WAs all she said


We all just watched a movie and onece it ended Lucy was passed out in Harrys arms and Harry was sleeping with his arms around her it was so cute I wanted to take a pictue and post it on twitter but we didnt want anyone to know about us util we see how things worked out. "Its getting late and I have to work tomorrow and I think it would be time for me to go but it was nioce meeting all of you" I was tired and kept babbling but they seemed to get what I was saying so I did pretty good for being tired. "It was nice meeting you too" They all said at the same time "I just have to try and wake up Lucy and I will be on my way" I said moving towards Harry and Lucy "Its okay if she stays here for the night since Harry is watching her for you while your at work tomorrow she could stay in the bedroom my little sister and brother stay in while they are visiting me if thats okay with you?" Liam asked " Yeah I dont see the problem with that I will be hre to pick up Lucy at 5:30 tomorrow night" I said walking to the door "Sounds good see you tomorrow " Niall replied. I got home arounf 11:30 and went straight to bed I was tired from all the excitment I had experienced tonight.


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