A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


3. Just Haning out


"Mate are you okay you look kinda starstruck" Louis asked

"Oh Yeah Im fine but I think I just met the love of my life" I told him

"I am honored Harry but I have a girlfriend" He said jokingly

"Not you you idiot her name is Candy she works at Nandos that is where I met her and I asked her if she wanted to hang out tonight and she said yes" I told him and he looked confused

"So you met her an hour ago and you think you are in love with her?" He asked

"Yep" I said popping the p sound

I looked at my phone there was a tect from Candy

** We should hangout at my place there is someone I want you to meet XxX Candy**

I texted her back saying that I would be there in 20. I wonder who she wanted me to meet I really didnt care all I cared about was seeing her again.



"Lucy clean up we are going to have company and you have to be on your best behaviour okay" I told her becasue if I didnt I know that my two eyar old would do everything backwards.

"Okay mommy I will try but im not making any promises" She is so cute. I hope Harry wont think I am a slut because I have a child. I hear a knock at the door and I go tmo answer it

"Lucy come down here please" I say as I open to find Harry standing there with a rose in hand. He is so cute and I think I love him not just because he's Harry styles from one direction but just Harry the guy I met at Nandos.



I knocked on the door and she answered she looked so beautiful. "Lucy come down here please" She said as she opend the door. I wonder who Lucy was.


 "Hi I got you this I hope you like it" he said nervously.

"Aww Harry I love it " I said rapping him in a hug.

"Well please come in sorry about the mess I told Lucy to clean up.

"Oh don't worry about it you should see Louis room if you are talking about messes" He said in a cute voice. "Harry this is Lucy She is my daughter" I told him hesitant because I didn't want him to think that I slept around and stuff.


"Harry this is Lucy she is my daughter" She said with a cute face. So she had a daughter that doesnt mean I dont like her. I think I took to long to answer because she had told Lucy to go play and the she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said

"You probably think I am a slut because I am 19 and have a two year old daughter"

"Oh Candy I don't think you are a slut can I tell you the truth?" I asked

"Yeah any thing " She said wiping away the tears

"Well I know I just met you but I think you are the one for me because Candy I love you" I told her hoping she felt the same way

"Oh Harry that's so sweet I feel the same way" I was so Happy she felt the same way

"Will you be my girlfriend Candy?" I asked her and she just kissed me


 Harry Flipping Styles Just told me he loved me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

 "Of course I will be you girlfriend "I said after I kissed him.

"I was hoping you would say yes" He said with a big smile on his face. Lucy walked in and said

"Does this mean you can be my daddy ?" She asked

"I don't think you should be saying that right now Lucy" I told her

"No its okay I kind of like the sound of that but can I ask you something?" Harry asked

"Um yeah sure" I said hesitant

"Umm well where is her dad?" He asked the question everyone does

"Well he is in j-jail" I was beginning to cry

"He is in jail because I was r-raped by a man I never saw before in my life and I couldn't abort an innocent child or give them up" I said letting the tears fall.

"I am so sorry I wont let anyone hurt you ever again as long as you are with me" Harry said he was so nice



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