A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


6. Its been awhile


I am glad that I had that talk with Harry but im am worried what Lucy will do when Harry doesnt stay at our house every night. I lay there in my bed just thinking about how long its been since someone that I knew told me that they genuinly cared about me even if they did just meet me the night before. Harry was right if you believe in love at first sight you will do everything to make sure that they dont leave you and that is what I intended to do ut not all at once I mean I am going to see how it goes.

3 HOURS LATER.................

I was woken by Lucy "Mommy I dont feel very good" "Whats wrong sweetie do you think you might be sick because if you are we need to get you into the bathroom so tell me okay" I was worried ecause she rarley ever got sick "Whats wrong are you guys okay?" Harry must have been woken because he was up now and asking what was wrong."I dont feel very good thats a-" Right then Lucy was cut off by her sickness and she threw up all over Harry. "I am so so sorry Harry she usually never gets sick and I am just really sorry" I told Harry trying not to laugh at his grossed out face "No its okay I know she couldnt help it I think I have thrown up oon Louis a time or two" I was shocked that he admitted something like that. We got Lucy and Harry all cleaned up I gave Harry some of my dads cloths that I had accidentally took when I moved out. We spent the day just getting to know eachother and playing with Lucy.


                    Its been at least a week since I last saw Harry wicch I was okay with because we were trying to take this slow but I feel bad because Lucy keeps asking where her daddy is and I have had to tell her that her daddy is working all the time. Harry finds it cute when Lucy calls him daddy beacause he says that eventually we are going to be close. I liked not rushing into things it made me feel secure in my own world.


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