A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


16. If you are the princess then I am your Prince


We walked down the stairs after a few minutes of getting dressed. "And here comes the two love birds and it seems that harry is sporting what looks to me like a very large erection!" Louis was always on the look out for things to make us blush "Shit dude sorry guys it wouldnt be there if you guys would of let us finish" Harry said as he covered it "Well if Candy didnt sound like she was hurt you could have.. well no we would have came in anyway" Zayn said " What did you guys come here for anyway?' I asked "We need an extra set of cloths for Lucy and a dress for her as well" Louis said "okay well i will be right back then" i wissed away to go get the dress and the extr pair of cloths that  Louis asked for.


"So how is she ?" Zayn asked "What do you mean ?" he couldnt possibly be asking me how she was in bed "like is she oky with being intamit after everything tht she has been through?" Zayn asked. good he was only asking about how she felt and not ow good she was in bed because I wouldnt kknow how to answere that  question i mean she is great in bed and all but that is kind of personal if you ask me "umm well we talked about it and i said that she didnt have to do anything that she wasnt comfortable with" I sid blushing  little bit "Well at least se is comfortble wit you i mean the first time we met her she ws a little bit shy and skiddish" Louis said "Yeah i men i love Candy alot and i think tht she may be the one to make me an honest man" i said confessing what  i had been keeping in for  few dys now "Well mate I think tht you did too becaus i ave never seen you happier thn how hppy you are when you are with her" Zayn said and Louis agreed. Candy came back with a bg of cloths for Lucy "Here you go boys " she was so cute when she was trying to hide her embarrasment from people "Thank you I think that we will go and leve you two to wat ever you are going to do wen we leave" Louis said as he shut the door.


"Well i think I know wht we can do" i said with a ceeky grin on my face "HMM are we going to paint ? " Harry asked he cn be so stupid when he is trying to be cute. "Nope" I said as I kissed him. i pulled his shirtt over his head "Oh i tnk i like this game" he said as he tried to udo my bra "Oh no I am going to make you feel so good so dont try to undress me" i said tearing his pants down. He kissed me and we started to walk to the counter when the door opened again "I forgot my pho-" It was louis and of course they had to come in again "you couldnt wait till the car was gone could you" Louis said shakng his head he walked round the corner of the counter "and I see that Candy was the culpraite of this " he said looking Harrys pnts on the floor "Can you just go and let us be alone" Harry said s he once again tried to undo my bra but this time infront of Louis this boy had no shame "Yes i will leave you two bye bye now" Louis sid wlking out the door. "Now where were we?" I asked "Well you sid tht you were going to mke me feel so good if I recall " He said inbetween kisses "Oh yes I did sy tht didnt I" "I believe you did" He just smiled at me. I ran my fingers down his bare chest he was so beautiful. I well in lack of  better word gently grabbed hs very large penis and begn to well rub it until it becme hard then i pressed my lips to it " You dont have to do this mhmm" he said as he moaned "I wnt to mke you feel lik eoyu hve never fet before "Only if you wnt to" "I do and dot worry it will be great" i finished mking him feel good. "let me repay you " He sid s he lifted me onto to the counter. He trusted into me and i have never felt so good in my entire life I wnt him forever like this. "You make me feel like  princess in a worl were nyting is possible" I sid to him as i pulled him closer making him thrust into me farther than i have ever thought possible. "Well if you are the princess then I m your prince" his fce was now buried in my shoulder and I threw me head back in plesure and let out  a moan." i dont think i have ever felt s close to you as I do now and I cn't remember  time when I ws this happy with anyone" he confessed to me. "I feel the same way when I m with you". We went and clened up before making some lunch.

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