A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


32. Harry cant help you now


I woke up to a scratching sound from the balcony of Harrys bedroom so I decided to go and see what is was. When I opened the door I was attacked by a large man in a ski mask. "HELP HARRY HELP!" I yelled as loud as I could. 'Harry isnt going to be able to help you now you should have died that night but you are stronger than I thought" I couldnt believe what I was seeing and hearing, it was my rapist and Harrys uncle. Just then the door burst open and a very frightend Harry was standing in the door way.


"GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER NOW!" I screamed running over to candy and her attacker and to my horror it was my uncle the one that rapped her and sexually abused me when I was a kid. "Oh look what we have here someone who used jto love when I touched him when mommy and daddy went out huh?" I was so pissed at him and even more agered because he was supposed to be in jail. "I never liked what you did to me you fucked up my head all those years in school I was terrified of my teachers because I was afraid that they would do the same thing you did to me at night" I yelled punching him in the face. I knocked him out finally and managed to call the police. "There you sick fuck you willl get what you deserve in jail" I spat on him as he was put into the back of the police car.


"Harry thank you I thought you were out with the boys or something I thought I was going to die" She sobbed into my chest and I just pulled her closer. "I will always save you dont forget that I love you and I am in this for the long hall." "I love you Harry " "I love you too"

We went back into the house and sat on the couch. "Umm Candy can we talk for a minute about Lucy?" I was confused becasue he looked concerned. "Yeah sure what about?" "Well this morning I was talking to Louis and he said that Lucy keeps having these dreams where a 'bad man' comes and splits us up and that she wont have her daddy any more and its got us all worried" I couldnt elieve what I was hearing. Lucy has never had a nightmare before. "She has never had a nightmare before maybe its  just a stage she is going throught I used to have then when I was her age" Harry and I spent the rest of the day talking about this and came to the conclusion that maybe Lucy needs to have a talk with Harry to let her know that he isnt going anywhere for a long time.

(Hey guys sorry for the short  and oring chapter but the next chapter is going to be about the boys and Lucy at the toy store. some exciting things happen who knows maybe someone will go missing)



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