A Beautiful Love

Candy is 19 years old and has been living on her own since she was 16 years old. See Candy was raped at 17 and the man who raped her got her pregnant but she couldnt abort her child she thought it was wrong and she couldnt give it up for adoption so she kept her baby. Candy is a huge fan of one direction but what will happen when she runs into a certain member of the band will they fall in love or will he shy away because of the child? READ TO FIND OUT


2. Breakfast, Work, Unexpected Meeting


    "Lucy what do you want to eat before I drop you off at Aunty Jenns house so I can work?" I asked my two year old daughter Lucy

"Mummy I want some toast please" She was so cute when she used her manners.

"Okay What do you wanna bring to Aunt Jenn's for a toy today?" I asked her while handing her toast.

"Can I bring my one direction dolls that you and Aunt Jenn got me?" 

"Yes you can just don't forget to bring them home okay" We bought her those dolls when she saw them in the store. She saw the Harry doll and said

" Mommy there is your boyfriend" She was so cute but I could only wish he was my boyfriend because he wouldn't love someone with a kid.

I dropped Lucy off at Jenns house and got to work and I had noticed there was more people here than usual wich was strange.

"Julie I am He-" I was knocked to the ground by a tall boy with curly hair.

 "sorry Love I didn't see you there" I looked up to see who knocked me down and I was surprised at who I saw it was Harry styles my dream guy.

"Its okay I wasn't watching where I was going" I said while blushing. He put his finger to my chin and lifted my face up from looking at the ground

"Well love I am Harry what's your name ?" He asked

" My name is Candy Burnstun" I told him still looking like a red fire truck

"Well Candy here is my number would you like to hang out tonight around 7?" He asked me of all people to hang out

"Of course I would love too but right now I have to work" I laughed.  

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