One Direction and McFly...a dramatic tale of two bands

Writing the last bit of this story brought tears to my eyes. Because members of my two favourite bands DIE...
It's a car crash story...


4. "No Zayn no!"


Dougie’s POV

The car stopped and we stopped screaming. I turned to my side and saw Niall who was unconscious. At my other side was Tom. He was limp and lifeless. I started to cry.

“D-Dougie? I-is that you?” I heard Danny say.

“Yeah! Danny are you badly hurt?” I asked.

“My arm! I think it’s broken! And my head is bleeding” Danny said weakly.

I undid my seatbelt and tried to move. I climbed over Niall and saw Harry from 1D and Louis slumped against each other. They were breathing. I looked up and saw the smashed window.

“Danny! I could get through the window! Where are you? I’ll lift you out!” I said. I moved a piece of the roof which had fallen down and saw Danny on the other side. He was holding Zayn who was unconscious but coming round.

“Zayn? Can you hear me buddy? Can you talk?” Danny said. I noticed the large amount of blood seeping through Zayn’s t-shirt.

Zayn made a groaning noise.

“Zayn?” Danny said again.

“D-Danny?” Zayn said weakly.

“Don’t strain yourself pal. We’ll get you out of here. Just hang on” said Danny. Danny turned to me.

“Doug we have to get him out of here. He needs urgent medical care!”

“I know. We’ll have to lift him out but your arms broken.” I said.

Zayn made gasping noises like he was struggling to breathe.

“Zayn? Zayn?!” Danny said urgently.

“T-tell the boys it was an honour working with them...” Zayn started.

“No! Zayn hold on!” Danny wept.

“...And tell my family I love them” Zayn said then he took one final breath and closed his eyes. His head slumped down onto Danny’s lap.

“No! Zayn no!” Danny screamed. He sobbed. I started crying again. I crawled through the rubble over to Danny and gave him a hug.

“Okay. We need to get out of here. Where’s Liam and our Harry?” I said, sniffing.

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