One Direction and McFly...a dramatic tale of two bands

Writing the last bit of this story brought tears to my eyes. Because members of my two favourite bands DIE...
It's a car crash story...


1. "It takes time to look this fabulous"


Liam Payne’s POV

We were all hyped up (especially Louis). We were going to be performing with Mcfly! Me, Niall and Zayn were waiting outside Louis and Harry’s apartment because they were taking ages to get ready.

“Come on guys!” Niall shouted, banging on the door. We carried on waiting with Niall and Zayn making unnecessary sounds because they were bored. We heard footsteps coming along the corridor. Mcfly walked around the corner.

“’sup guys?!” Danny said.

“Vas happenin?” Zayn said.

“Who’re you waiting for? Is it Lou and Harry again?” asked Tom.

“Yep. It always is!” I said.

“Come on! The guys are here now!” Zayn said bashing on the door.

Louis opened the door and Harry was stood beside him.

“What took you so long?” asked Niall.

“It takes time to look this fabulous!” Louis said, strutting down the corridor. We all laughed and followed him down the corridor.

We went outside and saw a huge limousine.

“Whoa!” me and the rest of 1D said. Mcfly just stood there grinning at us.

“You like it I’m guessing!” Harry from Mcfly said.

“Well obviously!” Louis squealed and he clambered inside it.

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