One Direction and McFly...a dramatic tale of two bands

Writing the last bit of this story brought tears to my eyes. Because members of my two favourite bands DIE...
It's a car crash story...


5. "I can't believe he's gone..."


Harry S. POV

I came round and heard someone yelling Zayn’s name. It was Danny. He screamed “Zayn no!” so I guessed that Zayn had passed away. I managed to undo my seatbelt. My forehead was bleeding pretty badly. There was blood in my hair and it was all sticky. I turned and saw Louis at the side of me. His nose was broken and I could see his leg looked a bit twisted.

“Louis?” I said, gently shaking him to try and wake him up. I saw his eyes flutter.

“Louis?” I said again. His eyes fluttered open and his mouth opened but he didn’t make any noise.

Suddenly I heard somebody coughing and I turned around and saw Niall.

“Niall!” I gasped with relief.  He looked up at me then started to cough again. He puked a bit. I wiped it away with my shirt.

“You’re gonna be okay buddy. Just relax” I whispered. Niall drifted back off to sleep.

I turned back to Louis.

“Louis?” I said.

“I’m okay” Louis whispered. We heard rustling and Dougie and Danny came through the rubble.

“Guys! We have to try and get through that window up there!” Dougie said, pointing up at the smashed window above us.

“We have to get Louis up there. His leg is broken I think” I said. Me and Dougie lifted him up and Danny tried to help but he couldn’t do much as his arm was broken.

We managed to get him through the window and push him onto the grass. We helped Danny get out as well.

Me and Dougie lifted Niall up and helped him out. We looked over at Tom.

“I can’t believe he’s gone...” Dougie said, starting to cry. I put my arm around him and let him sob.

“Wait...where are Liam and Harry?” I said. Just as I said this we heard someone calling for help. We looked around and saw an arm sticking out from underneath the rubble.

“Liam? Is that you?!” I called frantically.

“Yes” I heard him say weakly. Me and Dougie ran over and tried to move the debris. We eventually got him out. He was in a bad condition after being crushed.  We managed to get him out of the window.

“I think Harry’s underneath all the metal too” Dougie said. We went back to search.

“I found him!” Dougie called after a while. We frantically moved metal and glass but when we uncovered him, he was dead.

“No! He can’t be dead!” Dougie screamed. He broke down in tears.

“GUYS! COME QUICK!” we heard Danny shout from outside. We climbed up and out of the wreckage to see what was up.

A couple of ambulances and some police cars had pulled up at the side of the road and some paramedics were running across the field towards us.

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