A Tale of Wolves

This is a story Ava Ray and Rheeja Stormrider (formerly known as CeraEatsRainbowz) decided to Co-Author on! Hope you all like it!


2. Wolf Girl

By: CeraEatsRainbowz


I like to call myself a wolf, and i really love the other wolves but i just miss having a human family. I almost can't remember it.

My hair is long and filthy. The only clothes i have, are some leather pants and a ruined shirt. I use a bow or a dagger, (i made them), to hunt.

Right now, I'm waiting for the wolf pack. Suddenlly i see another animal. A deer. The best food you can possibly get out here in the woods. I grabbed my handmade bow and an arrow. I aim at the deer and shot. The deer is dead. Personally, i think I'm getting really good at hunting, because i almost hit the target every time. 

I run towards the deer and see the dead animal lying on the ground. I pull the arrow out of it's chest and put it on the ground. I ignore the blood dripping down my arms, and pick up the heavy animal. We're going to have a great meal tonight. 

When i finally got the deer back to my camp, my arms were killing me.  I started a fire. 

Then, suddenly, i heard something. There was something in the bushes. Then i noticed the snout of a wolf. I smiled. My friends were coming. 

I start to cook the deer over the fire. Daisy (That's what one of the wolves is called) came over to me and looked at the meal. Then she sat down and waited for it to be done. I saw two other wolves, each carrying a rabbit in their mouth, coming over to us. Then they threw it next to the fire. ''I'm almost done,'' i told them. 

When the deer finished cooking, i served it to the wolves, saving a little piece for me. Then i cooked the rabbits and stored them away for tomorrow. The nights are tough, because you never know if a wild animal might come in the night for food. Just in case, i always have my bow and arrows ready for the night.


The wolves just sleep on the ground but, since I'm a human, i need a little more warmth. So i have a thin leather blanket and some giant leaves for a pillow. I carefully went to sleep. 


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