A Tale of Wolves

This is a story Ava Ray and Rheeja Stormrider (formerly known as CeraEatsRainbowz) decided to Co-Author on! Hope you all like it!


5. I re-meet with a friend

By: Ava Ray


I point my bow at the things head, and growl. "Wow, little miss, dont shoot!" he said. I growled again. What did he think he was doing in my territory? He wasn't allowed to be here. "Go away," i growled. He didn't seem to understand me. He looked at me sideways. "Why do you keep growling at me?" he asked, "i dont understand you." "I..." i stammered. I remembered that language. It was my old language. I started understanding what he was saying.

"Go away," i said. This time i was speaking english. "I thought so," the boy said, "you do speak!" I was getting a little angry now. "Of course i do. Now go away from my territory!" He looked at me a little, then burst out laughing. "Your territory?" he said, "that is pretty much the funniest thing i ever heard!" I stared at him. why did he find that funny? "Who are you even?" i asked. He cleared his throat. "I am your brother, Caleb."






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