A Tale of Wolves

This is a story Ava Ray and Rheeja Stormrider (formerly known as CeraEatsRainbowz) decided to Co-Author on! Hope you all like it!


3. I am a Wolf

By: CeraEatsRainbowz


I woke up at dawn, noticing Daisy lying by my side. I carefully pulled the blanket off, and wrapped it around Daisy. Then i took my bow and arrows. I ran towards the lake, i found a week ago when i was hunting. I might as well just clean myself a little. 

When i came to the lake i pulled my clothes off and jumped in the lake. The water was nice and cold. I clean my feet and ears. That's when i realize that i do not have paws. Well, I always knew that. But it's just like i didn't notice it before. I'm different. I'm not like the other wolves. I'm a human. But I ignore the thought and continue cleaning myself. Then i notice fish in the water. Big delicious fish. I quickly grab a fish, but it slips out of my hand. Then i try again. Luckily, i catch the fish. I kill it quickly, saving it from suffering. I only have a bag to put the fish in, not a fancy net or something like that. I catch a couple of fish and put them all into my bag. Then i wash my clothes. After they dried a little, i put them back on.

Then i run back to the camp. The wolves left without me again. They always do. I always feel left out, because I'm not really a wolf. I just don't get what's so different between the wolves and me. I shrug and cook the fish. When the fish are done i put them away, so the wolves won't eat them right away. Then i climb up in a tree and just sit on a branch while thinking. 

What if it's true that i don't belong with the wolves? I know i really don't, but... I feel at home with them. Yes, i have a real family. A human family. But... This is my family now. The wolves.

I am a wolf.


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