A Tale of Wolves

This is a story Ava Ray and Rheeja Stormrider (formerly known as CeraEatsRainbowz) decided to Co-Author on! Hope you all like it!


4. A stranger comes

By: Ava Ray


I woke up, hearing the sound of paws on the ground. I looked up. I saw the wolves come into the clearing. Some of them were carrying rabbits or other animals, in their mouths. i looked up at the sun. It was late afternoon. I must have fallen asleep, and slept through the morning. I got up, and gathered up some of the rabbits to cook. 

When we had had our dinner, all the wolves settled down to sleep. I couldn't sleep, though. It was always hard to sleep, thanks to all the wild animals, but now i really couldn't. I was thinking about my family. I mean my "real" human family. I had never really thought about them, till today. 

Suddenly a vision popped into my mind. It was of a nice-looking young woman, about 35 years old. She had nice curly blonde hair and big blue eyes, just like me. She was really quite beautiful. "She must be my mother," I whispered to myself. 

Next morning i woke up, to find the pack gone, again. I got up. My tummy rumbled. I went out to catch some fish. I found the lake again and, as i thought, there were a bunch of big fish in the lake. I caught a few.

When i got back to camp, i heard something rustling in the bushes. Something big. I grabbed my bow and knocked an arrow onto it. I pointed the arrow at the bushes. 

"Hi!" I jumped. A head poked out of the bushes.


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