My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


6. zayn

later that day, zayn came back. all the boys had left my room to let me rest. i was wide awake though. zayn walked in. "hi love are you okay?" he asked "yes zayn im fine. im in pain though" and he kissed my forehead. he pulled out of a bag he had, a cake, some flowers, and a box of gummy bears he knew were my favorite. "thank you sooo much zayn i love it" i said looking at the cake. "your welcome babe. hey do you think we can talk?" he asked me i was nervous

(okay i know i havent been doing this but im gonna start putting in POVs. its just more interesting that way! -jessica)

                                                               Zayns POV

i had always had a huge crush on jessica and i never really told her how i felt. i was gonna tell her but she had already hooked up with harry when i finally worked up the nerve. i loved jessica and i always have. i need to tell her how i felt. "well urm,when we got together again, you looked so pretty then before. and thats when i knew i had true feelings for you. jessica i love you and now that you and harry are dating, i cant be with you. but i need to be with you jess. your my life. ive always had feelings for you. please tell me you understand" i said. she sat there in shock. "zayn please hear me out, i love you too but i cant do that to harry. ive been torn honestly. i love you both. your both really nice and all. if things dont work out between me and harry i promise ill go right to you. i love you zayn im not lying." she said."i understand."

                                                               Jessicas POV

i cannot believe what zayn just told me. i relly do love zayn but i love harry too. "i understand" he said. i started to cry. "im really sorry zayn i dont like being in this position. i feel like im breaking your heart but if im not, im breaking harrys hear and-" i said cut off by zayns smooth lips i liked the kiss. then at the worst moment possible, harry walked in. he slammed the door behind him crying. i heard another door slam when he got into his room. shit im fucked now. "zayn i cant do this"i said getting up grabbing my crutches and going into the bathroom locking it. i cryed and cryed and cryed. 

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