My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


3. When things could get worse

Liam walked over to the couch next to me. "hey what happened last night you left and didn't come back!" he said "oh nothing I just fell asleep unpacking." I said. I really hate lying to him. "with Harry" he said okay he got me. "fine I wasn't packing" I said. And I got up not wanting to reveal anything else. "hey love we are having a concert tonight. Your welcome to come" said zayn "definetly" I said. I went to my room. I layed on my bed. Thinking. What else is there to do. I can't say anything to Liam. I can't tell Harry I love him. Ugh. I'm screwed. "fuck" I said out loud. I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. That felt good to say. "Jess you need to start getting ready!" said Louis. "okay b there in 5" I replied. I had a dress in my closet I've been saving forever. I put it on. It was a short purple tube dress with a sparkly skirt. I straightened up my hair and did my makeup in the bathroom and put in my sparkly whit pumps. Then I walked down the steps. All the boys were standing at the bottom chatting and then they all turned to look at me. All their jaws dropped. "wow" said Harry. "Jessica you look amazayn" said Niall "thanks." I said. I walked down the rest of the way. Harry came over to me. "you look gorgeous." he said. "oh stop it." I said. And he looked at me and winked. I blushed. But I was torn. I love Harry and I love Liam. But Liams taken and I still like Him and he doesn't like me back but Harry does. Ugh. Deal with it later. "okay let's get going" and we all jumped into the car and drive off. The ride was like 10 minuets long. And when we got there everyone surrounded the car. As we tryed to make our way through the crowd Harry and I held hands and nobody saw. I love him. Then we got in. Finnaly. When I got backstage I met a girl who was so pretty I felt ugly next to her. "nervous?" she asked "not really. I would If I were them though" "yeah me too!" she said. We both laughed. "so have you been to a concert backstage before?" she asked me "urm like last year but I can't really remember the details." I replied. "yeah. I've been to tons so if you need any help I'm right here!" she said. "so whats your name?" she asked me. "Jessica. You?" "I'm Danielle. Liam's girlfriend". And my heart stopped.
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