My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


5. what will happen?

i woke up in my room. i wasw a little bit confused. i had totally forgotten what happened but not all my memory was gone. i remembered all the important stuff like where i was and all the people i knew and all that but i didnt know what had happened. i saw liam sitting next to my bed, sleeping.  i still had feelings for him even though dani is dating him. i always loved the birthmark he had on his neck. i also loved harry. harry was more than liam. he had the most cheekiest personality and he actually cared about me. i cared about him too. we were meant to be and i knew it but something felt wrong. like something was missing from the picture. i shrugged it off. i moved slightly to change positions and liam woke up with a jump. then i looked on the floor. there layed harry, louis, dani, and niall. where is zayn? "good morning love how do you feel?" asked liam. "fine i guess. um wheres zayn and how did this happen?" i asked liam "OH MY GOD DO YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING?" asked liam jumping up "yes yes i remember everything else but what i did to break my arm and leg. calm down i know everything else" i said getting up slightly to hug liam. he had warm and tight hugs. then dani woke up "hey babe how ya doin" she asked me. i sat up and watched dani and liam kiss shortly ''eh ive been better" i said laughing along with her."hey liam don you think you could take me home?" she asked liam "sure hun lets go" he said "ill be back love" said liam and then he kicked harry slightly and pointed to me '' jess are you okay?do you remember who i am?" asked harry "of course baby i love you" "hey where is zayn?" i asked him "oh he went t get you something he said he would be back around 10:00" he said it was 9:30. he kissed me for a breif 5 seconds and then sat in the chair. "i love you" he said to me "right back at ya" i said with a wink. " the doctor said that you only sprained your leg that youll go get the cast off later today and your arm is broken but it takes less time to heal. the cast on that will be taken off saturday okay?" he asked me "okay thanks" i said smiling "wekk do i have to stay in bed all day?' i asked him 'no you need to sit in a wheelchair unitl we go back to the hospital" he said "well what will happen now?" i asked "i dont know lets find out"and i got into the wheen chair harry got from the hospital. hes so helpful. i love him

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