My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


4. nandos and then a crash


i wanted to cry but i didnt. she was so nice i didnt know what to say. but then i heard a loud roar from out of the room. the boys must have just walked on the stage. "wed better get going!" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me to the viewing room. in the room there were cameras and tvs all recording or watching the boys. "new at this arent you?" she asked me "yeah a little bit!'' i said "well usually all i do is go to the edge of the stage where the curtain is so liam and the boys can see me. me and elanor sit over there. wanna come with me?" "sure!'' i said. we wnt over to the opening. liam saw danielle and apperently told harry i was there. he winked at me and held up a 3 with his fingers. "what was that about?" asked danielle "i have no idea. should i be scared?" she shrugged. then the third song in, harry pulled me on stage when liam pulled dani up. now i know what 3 meant. they sang everything about you. then at the end of the song harry leaned in and kissed me. i felt an ellectric shock all through my body. i reached for harrys hair and ran my fingers through it as we kissed. then  the concert was over and we both pulled away and walked off stage. "ill catch up with you later!" i called to dani as harry pulled me to go to his dressing room. he pulled me inside and closed the door behind him. "damn your a good kisser harry!" i said "hey you arent too bad yourself. hey i have a question. will you erm-" he said "yes" and i knew what he was gonna say.then we sat on the couch. it was kinda awkward as we both sat there looking around. then he looked at me and i looked at him and we both nodded. i leaned in as he leaned in and we kissed.he fell backward letting me on top of him and then i played with his hair again. then "knock knock knock" said liam opening the door "hey we are- umm am i innterupying somthing?" he said "no we were just coming" i said and we got up and went out. i found dani again "hey what were you two doing in there?" she asked "oh just kissing that was all!" i said. we both jumped and squealed with joy. then we all jumped in the car and started driving to nandos. at nandos harry sat next to me i sat next to danielle she sat next to liam liam sat next to zayn and zayn sat next to louis. we all ordered our food when elanor showed up "hey! sorry i couldnt make the concert. i got stuck in the retarted traffic!" she said and then sat down next to louis. "ill just have water thank you" said elanor to the waitress "oh hey jessica!" "hi" i said :ive heard a lot of amazing things about you!" she said " oh louis talkes about you nonstop!" i said instantly i knew we were going to be great friends. "wait. one question. where is perrie?" i asked. "oh she went on a trip with her family" said zayn. then the night carried on. when we were driving back, the most terrible thing happened. when we were turning to go to a stop sign the person behind us didnt stop immediently slammimg the car to a flat pancake from the back. ambulances and police trucks rushed to the scene. they had to cut open the car. everyone but me had only minor cuts and bruises and only a mild headache. but me, i broke my leg and and arm.

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