My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


2. Good, good, bad.

We all got back to the house. I walked in and my bags and my jaw both dropped. The place was huge it had the biggest fridge I have ever seen. And I ran upstairs to my room. "damn!" I said it was huge. I was like the size of my house. Louis came in my room. "do you like it love?" he asked. "like it? I fucking love it thank you guys so much" i said. And I jumped in my bed. Then I ran back downstairs and put my stuff aim my room and I sat on the couch. All the ibiys raced to sit next to me. Harry and liam were the lucky ones. "so what's new" I said "nothing much" zayn said. "hey Liam what was the movie you and danielle went to see yesterday?" niall asked "who's Danielle?" I asked. "Liam's girlfriend."zayn said. I was crushed. I didn't know that Liam had a girlfriend. I smiled to make it look like I wasn't mad. I was though. "umm I think I forgot to unpack doe stuff in my room." I said and ran up to my room. I sat in my bed crying. "knock knock knock" said a deep voice. I knew I t was Harry. "come in" I said still sobbing. "hey whats wrong?" asked Harry "nothing. Just a little homesick. That's all" I said. "now that was a lie" he said. "your sad because you like Liam and you didn't know he had a girlfriend. Am I right?" he said "yes." he got in my bed with me. He put his arm around. And I closed my eyes. "well Liam may not love you but I DEFINETLY do." he must of thought I was sleeping. He kissed my neck and closed his eyes. "I love you too harry" and then I felt tied. Because I still had feelings for Liam. It was morning and the sun was shining bright in my room. I felt Harry still next to me but he was awake. "morning love" he said. Then I heard a loud bang in the kitchen. "what the hell?" and ran downstairs with Harry not far behind. "BREAKFAST!" Louis yelled. Thank god. "FOOD" yelled Niall. Liam came down. I didn't even want to look at him. I felt a little shy. My cheeks were burning because I was sitting in between Liam and Harry. I didn't look at either one of them. I just sat there quietly eating pancackes. "these are good boobear thank you!" I said. And then I went over to the couch to watch tv. I felt out of place.
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