My heart

Jessica's best friend zayn Malik comes to visit we and brings a little SUPRISE with him.


1. In the beginning

I was impatiently looking out my window. Then a limo pulled up in front of my house and I ran down the stairs and got outside within 5 seconds "ZAYN!!!!!" I said and ran into his arms. "Jess!!!!!" he picked me up and kissed my on the cheek "how are you!!??" he asked "I'm great how bout you?" I said "well as you know gramps died. But at least I have you still! Let's take my stuff inside." and I grabbed one of his four million bags. "Jeeze are you moving in?" I sai he looked at me and mocked me. We both laughed. "wait Jess I have something for you! Hold on let me find it." he opened his bag and rummaged through everything throwing unimportant stuff across the room. "ooo I found it. Here" he handed me a big box. I was really afraid of what was in it. I opened it "O MY GOD zayn thank you!" it was a one direction necklace with his face on it. "omg I love you soooo much right now." "yeah I'm pretty awesome" he said. "her do you want to go eat somewhere?" I asked "sure your choice love!" and we hopped into the car. At the restraunt I ordered chicken and mashed potatoes and zayn got steak with Mac and cheese. "so Jess ummmm-" "ummmm what?" I cut him off. "me and the boys want to know if you want to come live with us again" I stood there in shock. "zayn I don't know" "come on it'll be fun and we just finnished a tour and we have a long time until the next one!" "zayn I don't know its really big for me to move from California to England." l said "but Jess I already got the boys to fix
A room for you you can't say no and all the boys especially Liam want you to come!" I blushed. I love Liam . He has always been there for me and he is just so damn hot. "well I don't know." I said knowing the true answer cuz I can't make it obvious I like Liam "don't make me use my secret weapon!" "you won't" "want a bet " he picked up his phone dialesd and called "hello liam I'm putting you on speaker" "okay" liam said I stood there looking like a deer in headlights. He knows I like liam now I can't say no. "so Jessica isn't saying yes to moving in with us and she needs some persuasion." zayn said "Jess my love we all want you to cOme really bad. We all miss you. It would mean the world to me if you did" Liam said. "fine I'll do it" "YESSSS" Liam and zayn said. "it's official. I'm moving in!" I said "we will be at the airport at five Liam take the boys
with you. See ya later" "bye love you guys!" Liam said. We finished up at the restraunt and went to start packing. ***4:00*** "we are here Jess. Get all your stuff I'll go find out the plane info" zayn said "okay love ya!" I said and grabbed all I could carry and put it on the luggage carousel. "okay our flight leaves in 5 minuets and we new to be fast because the boys will be at the airport at five and we all know how impatient Louis gets." and we were on our way to the plane. "wow service is so fancy I didn't even have to bring my stuff in myself!" I said "yep. And we have this whole plane to our selves." and I sat back and relaxed the whole trip. We stepped off the plane and the service guy grabbed mine and zaynes stuff and took us inside. "I see them!" zayn said. I looked at where zayn was pointing and I saw them. We ran over to them "I missed you guys soooo much!" I said and Niall came and picked me up and kissed my cheek. "Niall I missed you!!!" I said and gave him a huge hug. Next was Louis "boobear!" I said running up to Louis and hugging him around his neck "Jess I missed you." "I missed you too!!!!" I said. Next was Harry. "hazza!" I said and he hugged me around my waist and and put me over his shoulder and spun me really fast. "I love you soooo much Harry I missed you!" I said "I love and missed you too Jessica!" and last but not least Liam. "hey my love!" he said and I walked up a ting cool and gave him a calm hug and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I missed you most of all!" I whispered in his ear. We both laughed and I went back to zayn and pun my arm around his back and we drove back to the house.
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