Horseriding with Harry Styles

I'd been to my mates house one day and she owns horses. This came into my head. It's crap I know.
Should I leave it where it is or write another chapter?


1. Horseriding.


I sighed and got in the car. I was going horse riding with my mates Harry and Izzy. Izzy owned horses so she was a pro but me and Harry had no clue. I should have been happy that I was spending the day with my mates but I really disliked horse riding. Izzy knew this and got offended every time I brought the topic up. What made it worse is that I had a major crush on Harry. He didn’t know but Izzy did. She always had to give me a poke or a thump cos I’d sit there and stare at him.

When we arrived at the stables, Izzy and Harry rushed out of the car, really keen to get started. I trudged behind.

“Come on India!” Harry shouted.

By the time I’d got there, they’d already put on helmets and were getting the saddles to put on the horses.

“Give us a lift India” Izzy said. I went over and helped her tack up the horses.

“Can I go first?” Harry asked eagerly. We helped him get onto the horse and Izzy gave a little smirk as I touched his bum to push him up. I stuck my middle finger up at her.

Harry set off on the horse.

“Ooh I can do it!” he said. He walked round the yard for a couple of minutes.

“Come on India. You can go now” Izzy said, shoving a helmet on my head. I swore under my breath and clambered onto a horse. I managed to walk round the yard once.

“That’s it India!” Izzy said as she climbed on her own horse.

Harry was trotting by this point. He was a natural.

“Come on we’ll go onto the field now” Izzy said.


After a while I got used to it. I got a little better but I didn’t improve much. I still shivered whenever Izzy even suggested the idea of trotting. Her and Harry were cantering around the field and my horse was eager to join in.

“I’m getting off!” I called.

“Aww why?!” Harry yelled.

“I’ve had enough!” I yelled back.

I got my horse back to the yard and jumped off. I brushed the mud of it. Harry and Izzy trotted over.

“We’re done” Izzy said.

“It’s great! I’m coming back!” Harry said. They both jumped off their horses and brushed the dirt off too. My horse was filthy even though I’d only been walking. Harry hardly had to do anything and sat watching us. He giggled as the horse shook and mud splattered all over me. I gave him a glare but then I started giggling too.

“Will you guys take off the saddles? I’ll go get some drinks and crisps” Izzy said, walking off to her house.

Harry got up and started to unbuckle a saddle. I went over and helped him. He looked up and smiled at me. I melted a little.

“You know India. I really like you” Harry said, whilst still unfastening the saddle.

“Well you should do. I’m your best friend!” I laughed.

“Well yeah but maybe a little more than that...” Harry said.

“R-Really?” I stuttered.

“Yeah. You wanna go somewhere tonight?” Harry asked.

“Sure!” I squeaked.

Harry gave up on trying to undo the saddle. He wrapped his arms around me.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this” he whispered.

“I think I have” I whispered back.

“Shut up and kiss me” he said, suddenly bending down and kissing me.

I nearly died.

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