My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


27. Why me?

The next morning we got up pretty early to leave. I put my hair in a French braid and put on some makeup. We ate cereal for breakfast then got in the car. We didn't really talk all morning and I wanted to ask about Eleanor. I look over at him, "So can you please tell me what you and Eleanor were talking about last night?" His face goes blank, "I don't want to talk about it right now." When he says that I get kinda upset with him since he won't tell me. "Why not? Is something wrong?" "Nothing's wrong! I don't want to talk about it?!" he says kinda raising his voice at me. I ignore him the rest of the car ride, knowing something is wrong with him. We finally get to his mum's house. When we go inside the only one there is Johanna cause the girls had school. We all sit in the kitchen drinking tea talking about many different subjects. Louis finally decides to tell her, "Mum, we have something to tell you." She looks at both of us, "Sure, go on." Louis looks at me, "Mum, Rachel is pregnant." Her face goes white. "Louis can I speak with you in the living room alone?!" she says while storming off. He follows behind her and I'm just sitting there waiting. I here little bits and pieces of the conversation. All I really know is that she is really mad that I'm pregnant. I hear Johanna say, "Louis William Tomlinson?! How could you do this?! You two have only been dating for three weeks and you already get her knocked up?! "Mum, I know your upset but I love her and this was an accident." Louis says to her. When I hear him call our baby and accident I almost cry. "I can't believe this?! She just turned eighteen?! I don't know what to do?!" she yells at him. I start crying softly, not wanting them to hear me. I can't believe she isn't being more supportive. I want to just march in there and tell her how I feel but I know it's useless. They are still talking but now being more calm. I can't hear what they are saying anymore. After while I hear them walking in. I wipe away my tears as they walk in. I stand up out of my chair and walk towards Louis. Johanna pulls me in a hug and tells us congratulations. We say our good byes and head home. In the car we don't talk because I know he is still not the same. When we get home we sit down to watch tv. I look over at him, "Louis will you tell me why your mum was so upset?" He doesn't pull his eyes off the tv, "Not right now." I'm now frustrated with him. He won't tell me the truth! "Then can you tell me what you and Eeleanor were talking about?" He looks at me with serious eyes, "Rachel, I don't want to talk about it." He turns back to the tv. I stand up and turn the tv off, "Then what will you tell me?! You aren't acting like yourself! I wish you would just tell me the truth!" I say throwing down the remote. He stands up and looks me in the eyes. I can tell he is mad. "The truth?! You want the truth?! Fine! I'll give you the truth! Eleanor told me she wanted me back and I told her no. She said a lot of bad stuff about you and I defended you! She also kissed me but I didn't she her back! And my mom is upset because your eighteen! She also is upset that the media learned about before she did! See Rachel?! None of that stuff was for you to know! And if you still want to tell the truth than I'll tell it to you straight! I'm not excited about this baby! I'm not ready to be a dad?!" He finally finishes. I'm already bawling from everything he says. He doesn't want the baby? He notices that I'm hurt and try's to say something but I run outside. It's raining, great. He runs after me, "Where are you going?" he yells to me from the porch. I'm on the side of the road walking to I don't know where. I turn around to face him. Im still crying and I'm soaking wet from the rain, "I don't know Louis but I'm going somewhere away from you. If you didnt want the baby then why didn't you tell me!" I get in a cab and drive off. I tell him to go to the first place I can think, Danielle and Liam's house. I turn off my phone in the cab, knowing Louis would try to get aa hold of me. I didn't want to speak to him right now. When we pull up to the house I pay the cab driver and go to the door. Danielle answers and lets me in. I tell her about everything. When I'm done she asks, "What are you going to do?" I look at her, "I don't know. But can I stay here until I fours things out?" She pulls me in a hug, "Of course, Rachel." "Thank you." I whisper in her ear. I went and took a shower to get my mind off of it. When I get out I turn on my phone, 14 texts, 20 missed calls, and 7 voicemails. All from Louis. I read the texts, the all say how he is sorry, or him asking where I'm at, or him saying he loves me and never wants me to leave. I listen to the voicemails whiling laying on my bed. All of him crying saying the same things. Hearing him cry makes me want to go back but I know I can't, not right now. The last voicemail is him singing into the phone, still crying. He sings Gotta Be You, Moments, and I Won't Give Up(by Jason Mraz). I start crying listening to him sing. I miss him but Im still upset about everything he said to me. I lay there listening to him sing. And I finally fall asleep, to him singing I Won't Give Up.
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